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Lanko Products Lanko Ultraprime Lanko Ultraprime is a technologically advanced acrylic based multipurpose primer, for use prior to the application of Lanko mortar systems onto porous substrates.

Lanko Ultraprime increases the bond strength of cementitious mortar systems, such as floor levellers and patching and repair products. Lanko Rapid Patching Mortar Lanko Rapid Patching Mortar is a ready-to-use polymer-modified rapid setting mortar designed for making repairs to concrete and masonry surfaces both externally and internally. It is for use prior to the application of underlayments, flooring, ceramic tiles, coatings or paint etc.

Lanko Rapid Patching Mortar has been designed to achieve very high early strengths, and can accept floor finishes after as little as 90 minutes. Lanko Flexible Floor Leveller Floor levelling compound for internal, flexible substrates prior to installation of a floor covering.

Lanko Flexible Floor Leveller can be used in place of cement sheet underlay in tiling or in place of hardboard underlay in carpet or vinyl installations, Lanko Flexible Floor Leveller is quicker and easier to install and provides a superior smooth and level surface for a high quality finished installation.

It is a clear liquid which will not alter the colour of the material to which it is added. Lanko Cement Accelerator is perfect for use in cooler climates or during winter. It is also suitable when installations need to be finished quickly. Lanko Concrete Sealer Lanko Durashield is a clear single pack, hard wearing, solvent based acrylic polymer surface sealer.

Formulated at low viscosity to penetrate the capillary structure of concrete based materials to provide integral protection. Dried film exhibits excellent durability, toughness and water resistance. Non-yellowing formulation.

Lanko Lankolatex will improve the strength, increase the adhesion, water resistance and flexibility of any mortar system to which it is added. Lanko Pro Level can be feather-edged and has properties similar to that of concrete and depending on the application eliminates or minimises trowelling. It requires the addition of only potable water to achieve a highly fluid consistency producing a smooth, level, and hard surface. Lanko Pro Level can be applied in multiple layers with each layer being no more than 25mm thick or can be economically extended with a graded aggregate to fill greater depths.

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Structural Grouting



Lanko 701 MC



Lanko 701 MC


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