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This application note describes the differences and similarities between the two parts including DS functions that allow compatibility with the DS but which are not documented in the DS data sheet. All subjects not covered in this application note e. This application note is aimed at users interested in transitioning from the DS to the DS For new designs incorporating the DS, please refer to the DS data sheet for usage instructions, as information in this application note will not be pertinent.

Users switching from the DS to the DS will also need to reference the DS data sheet for device specifications and other information not covered in this application note.

The bandgap circuit produces a voltage that varies linearly with temperature. This voltage is converted to a digital value by the analog-to-digital converter ADC. This architecture allows the user to select 9, 10, 11, or bit temperature readings by setting the R1 and R0 bits in the configuration register.

This data is a direct result of the dual-oscillator architecture. This architecture is described in detail in Application Note High Resolution Temperature Measurement with Dallas Direct-to-Digital Temperature Sensors, and the method for performing high-resolution temperature calculations with the DS is explained in the DS data sheet. These commands are not documented in the DS data sheet. Table 1. When the EEh Start Convert T command is used, the R1 and R0 bits in the configuration register are ignored by the DS regardless of what values have been written to them, and the output temperature resolution is set to 9 bits, exactly like in the DS In the mil 8-pin SO package, both devices have the same pinout.

Table 2 summarizes the part numbers for each package type for the DS and DS Table 2.


PDF DS1621 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

Mokazahn Post as a guest Name. Can somebody explain to me further the interest of having those pins? The one below is set to ds address Null 4, 10 22 I just bought a ds temperature sensor and started reading its datasheet. Home Dayasheet Tags Users Unanswered. Basically, if you have several DS devices, you can set the hardware address for each and exclusively read up to 8 devices. Sign up using Email and Password. Sign up using Facebook.


DS1621+ Maxim Integrated Products, DS1621+ Datasheet

It has both high and low temperature limits which can be user defined i. If polarity parameter is not provided, original value is used. As for the thermostat, behavior can also be programmed using the polarity toggle. Please note that the DS data sheet is somewhat misleading in this point since setting the polarity bit does not simply invert Tout. Be sure to have a high vs.

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