Nikasa Brachiaria Brizantha CV. The eight braachiaria that were best in the combined analysis of all tested locations Valle et al. Three tester steers were used per paddock. Daily brachiaaria weight gain was calculated as the increase in live weight of tester animals divided by the number of days between weighing sessions. The lower performance observed in the present study cannot be attributed to the herbage nutritive value because the average percentages of CP and IVOMD 8.

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Hernandez et al. During the dry season, heifers under high tree cover lost less weight Restrepo-Saenz et al. Pasture supplementation Response to concentrate supplementation during the dry season Supplementing young grazing bulls with 0. Supplementation is therefore technically and economically viable, with better results at a level of 0. With Santa Gertrudis and Simmental breeds the best results were obtained with a supplement of 0.

Increasing the concentrate level up to 0. Response to concentrate supplementation during the rainy season Energy and protein supplementation during the rainy season results in a greater profit margin Barbosa et al.

Supplementation with increasing urea levels showed a quadratic response to total DM intake and DM intake from pasture, with the best response at 1.

Weight gains of 0. Supplementation with protein sources provided viable economic returns, regardless of the protein source evaluated in relation to the control group Porto et al. Moreover, reducing supplementation frequency may decrease feeding and labour costs with no influence on steer performance during the dry season Canesin et al. Its optimal use depends on the appropriate integration of pasture management and forage surplus conservation in the form of silage Pereira et al.

Hay Bread grass hay can be combined with tree foliage. Moringa Moringa oleifera foliage included as a protein supplement to bread grass hay-based diet fed to dairy cattle increased DM intake and digestibility of the diet as well as milk production without affecting milk composition Sanchez et al.

It is also distributed ad libitum as hay to provide fibre in addition to a concentrate in some experimental studies Eekeren et al. But the nutritive value of this forage is very low, due to a low protein level and a very high fibre level. The digestible energy content could be compared to that of a cereal straw, i.

When distributed as green forage alone or in addition to a concentrate, the spontaneous feed intake is lower than that of most of the other forages in comparative studies Raharjo et al. For all these reasons Brachiaria brizantha could be used safely in rabbit feeding, but exclusively as source of fibre.

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