Okay, unlocking the cap locks. Yes my friends, Udon has released another artbook. Geezus, who does that? I mean being able to flip through the pictures and admire them :3 I took some pictures with my phone so sorry for the crap quality.

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The eponymous heroine of the Harvestasha legends. Different person from the Reyvateil Origin that was named after her later on.

Unknown Ar tonelico[ edit ] The name of the enormous structures Towers that serve as the setting for each individual game in the series. The name is composed by the Hymmnos Language words "Ar" the only and "tonelico" divine tree , which together translate to "The Holy World Tree", and are enormous structures that were built during the times the land still existed in Ar Ciel. They go from the First to the Third Towers.

The First Tower of "Ar tonelico" is an "amplification Tower" that "supplies the people with an amplified version of the power of sounds on which Sound Science is grounded".

While in the current times it has become a piece of lost technology, it still sees ample use due to its function as a "Song Magic Server", which makes it the power source for the Song Magic of the Reyvateils. Each one of the three Towers of Ar tonelico is administrated by a "Reyvateil Origin", but after the Grathnode Inferia, the people relocated themselves to the upper areas of the regions where they lived, barely escaping death, and since this isolated the Towers from each other, they eventually came to believe that the region where they lived was everything that existed around them, which is why they call each region a world.

Therefore, the world around the Tower administrated by Eoria is called " Sol Ciel ", the world around the Tower administrated by Frelia is called " Metafalss " and finally, the world around the Tower administrated by Tyria is called " Sol Cluster ". Reyvateil[ edit ] Originally called "Revatail" in the Japanese version, which comes from the Hymmnos word with the same pronunciation and meaning, they are a rare race that has appeared in all material related to the series so far and has the ability of converting sounds into power.

While they used to be an artificially created race, they are in appearance indistinguishable from the humans, and they can also interbreed with them. As the Y-Chromosome impedes the manifestation of Reyvateil qualities, there are only female Reyvateils. The proof of being a Reyvateil is a mark called the "Install Port" appearing in some part of their bodies.

As they can control a miraculous power called "Song Magic", they are said to be capable of "talking with the world". Every Reyvateil is connected to the Song Server they use as the source of their powers through an umbilical cord of sorts located in the deepest layer of their psyches. This type has the peculiarity of having a total of 24 Soulspace strata, in comparison to the other Reyvateil types which only have nine. There are only three of them, which in order of oldest to younger are: "Eoria", "Frelia" and "Tyria".

All of them were born in El Elemia the main country of Sol Ciel during the First Era, and their abilities as Reyvateils surpass that of most of the other types by far. They all have their Install Ports located in the same place: on their hips. Eoria is the oldest living Reyvateil, who was years old at the time the events of Ar tonelico 1 took place. Their names are taken from the three Demigoddesses known as the "Trio of Elemia" that appear in the Ar Ciel creation myth "Stelliarhythm", of which Eoria had the power of controlling the "wind", Frelia the "land" and Tyria the "water".

However, at the Reyvateil-centric country of Clustania, the birth of Reyvateils is regulated so only a specific number of them are produced each year. Incidentally, the heart of the Reyvateils, called the Triangular Nuclear Loop, has an energy source called Telomeres , which is equivalent to the telomeres present in the human chromosomes, and they also indicate for how long the Triangular Nuclear Loop can work, serving as that which indicates the life span of the Reyvateils.

However, the Rinkernator of the Third Tower of Ar tonelico is equipped with machines that allow to donate a large amount of Telomeres from a Reyvateil to other, making it possible to restore them to a depleted Triangular Nuclear Loop. As the Reyvateils abilities begin devouring their human life force after they awaken, they have extremely short life spans, thus requiring to have administered at fixed intervals a life extending agent called "Diquility" in order to prolong their lives.

Without Diquility, the most they can live is around 20 years. This is known as a disease called the "Border Disease", and the Origin of said region, Tyria, has once jokingly called the humans possessing these anomalous factors "Medleys". There are two types of Life Extending Agents: the weaker one called "Tranquility", and the stronger one called "Diquility", but people generally refer to the Diquility when they talk about the Life Extending Agent.

In the world of Sol Ciel excluding the cities of Platina and Em Pheyna , the only groups capable of mass-producing the Diquility are the Church and Tenba, but the people that work for either of them can receive Diquilities free of charge, while on the other hand it is quite an expensive product in the market.

Because of this, Third Generation Reyvateils that live in this region typically seek employment with any of them. On the world of Metafalss, Diquility was discovered and invented by the first Maiden of Mio, Infel, so the Grand Bell Hall began distributing it to all the Reyvateils in the region free of any charge. Blocking techniques to suppress the Reyvateil factors were also discovered and used in this region, advertised as "operations that would allow anyone to cut off the Reyvateil factors and the connection to the Song Servers for a cheap price", but they actually were used as a front for horrendous experiments in which the server areas of these Reyvateil patients were forcibly rewritten.

In respect to the Install of the Life Extending Agent, while it is essential in all regions for all the Third Generations Reyvateils, at the same time, if someone aside of their relatives or bosses performs the Install, it must be someone with whom they are having a very deep relationship, as this act holds a meaning similar to that of sex for the Reyvateils, making it an extremely important experience for them when they are having the Install being done by anyone that is not directly related to them for the first time, and particularly more if it is a person with whom they are in love.

All of the Origins have it programmed to appear in their hips, but all other Reyvateils have their Ports appearing in very varied areas. As the Install Port carries such an important role in the maintenance of their own lives, as well as being said the part of the body that exposes the mind of the Reyvateil to anyone that looks at it, the Reyvateils will never show it to anyone excepting for people in which they have an extreme amount of trust.

This same distinction is also applied to the verb "to Sing". Song Magic[ edit ] The magic that Reyvateils can use. It is invoked by singing or reciting spell phrases in a constructed language called the Hymmnos Language, and it is quite a strong weapon to wield in battle. All of the Reyvateils can materialize their fantasies into the real world in order to use them as attacks or protection, normally using Hymmnos to do so, which receives the name Song Magic.

Therefore, the trust the Reyvateils and their partners have for each other is of great importance for the crafting of Song Magic. However, there are exceptions, as there have been cases where a Reyvateil has crafted Song Magic in the real world all by herself, but it is a very rare phenomenon that only happens in situations that would cause extreme emotions to sprout in the heart of the Reyvateil, such as the death of a family member. However, there is an exception to this, as in one of the sidestory Drama CDs , the character that appeared in the first game, Spica Neal, managed to craft a Song Magic that rivaled in power that of the Reyvateils through an item called the "Carillon Organito" that was made by a little girl that resembled Krusche Elendia.

However, given this was done without the support of a Song Server, it ended leaving her extremely tired. They are typically found sealed in containers called Hymn Crystals called Hymmne Crystals in the Japanese version.

They are different from typical everyday Song Magic Hymmnos Words , and by extracting the "Feelings" contained in the device inside of the crystal in a ritual called the Download Ceremony, Reyvateils become able to craft and sing a new Song out of them.

However, it is because of this power that the Reyvateils have become such a prized existence in the era the games take place, as there were technologies that allowed to use Hymmnos directly and without doing so through a Reyvateil intermediary, but all such technologies were lost in the two great catastrophes that happened centuries ago.

In the second game, Luca Trulywaath had the D-Cellophane that serves as the proof for the Maiden of Homura Installed in her body, which had as an effect giving to her the same Hymn Code as the Reyvateil Origin Frelia, allowing her to sing Hymmnos.

Loude, gave her, [33] allowing her to sing Hymmnos. Cosmosphere[ edit ] The mental world or Soulspace that exists within the mind of each Reyvateil. It is formed by strata that correspond to her surface psyche and her deep psyche. The world setting for each strata, or level of the Cosmosphere, greatly varies from a Reyvateil to other, but it will always reflect the personality of that particular Reyvateil. Several different iterations of that same Reyvateil, all of which represent different sides of her personality, also show up within the Cosmosphere.

However, it has been confirmed that getting infected by the IPD disease will cause the Mind Guardian to disappear. The Cosmosphere is also a private space prepared for the Reyvateils within the [Note 2] Song Servers. Typically, a Cosmosphere has nine strata or levels, of which strata one to five correspond to the surface psyche, while stratum nine corresponds to the deepest layer of the psyche. All of the strata will have an area called the "Tower of Life", which represents the connection of the Reyvateil with her Tower.

Therefore, when a Dive is in progress, the Diver will require a fixed amount of Dive Points DP , which are a numerical representation of the trust existing between the Reyvateil and her partner, and are consumed every time the partner triggers an event in the Cosmosphere.

When the partner interferes positively in the Cosmosphere of the Reyvateil through a Dive, the following happens: Due to the actions of her partner in the Cosmosphere, the worries and conflicts the Reyvateil has are sublimated and a Paradigm Shift is provoked, allowing the possibility of Diving into a deeper stratum of the Cosmosphere.

The Reyvateil crafts a new Song Magic within the Cosmosphere, allowing her to use it in the real world. Once the Paradigm Shift is triggered, that Cosmosphere stratum is considered as completed and the Reyvateil becomes able to use the Costume she was wearing in that particular stratum upon returning to the real world.

Furthermore, in the ninth and final stratum of the mind of every Reyvateil is the place where they are connected to the Binary Field of their Song Server, which also serves as their power source.

Therefore, the closer the Reyvateils get to the ninth stratum, the stronger the Song Magic they will craft. Once they clear the ninth level, Reyvateils become able to freely access the resources of Tower, and since this also allows them to read the data recorded in it, this allows them to enjoy a game called a "Binary Field Game" alongside their partners.

Furthermore, if the Reyvateil subconsciously feels that the Diver fears her or is not serious about her feelings, she will prepare the scenario to not allow the Diver beyond an even shallower level, which should be natural, as no Reyvateil would want to allow such a person to even Dive into her in the first place. As the Divers who have reached the ninth level have been said to be rare enough that only a few of them live in each era, they apparently are considered as candidates to heroes just from having managed to complete a Cosmosphere to the end.

While they were born as the product of a cross between humans and non-human creatures from a different world, they have established their own community and set apart as a different race. They can also use special abilities that have no relationship at all with Song Magic, and depending on which abilities they can use, they fall in one of the twelve branches that are known as "schools".

Long ago, their knowledge and abilities played a very important role in the construction of the Tower of Ar tonelico. On the other hand, a few of the schools received the name "Necrofamilies" in the region of Sol Cluster, one such example of them being the "Ayatane Necrofamily". Long ago, their unique culture was born and nurtured in the forests of Syestine, where the Third Tower of Ar tonelico is currently located, and though it was a place rich in Songstone deposits, it was a territory that was always in dispute between the neighboring human countries and kingdoms, which tried to burn away the forest to then annex Syestine to themselves, all of which came to an end when Syestine was completely destroyed in the Seven Bloodstains Incident and the Teru joined the Sol Cluster Federation.

While the Munoph Ayatane Teru School was supposed to use their ability to predict the future in order to avoid the happening of disasters, they instead used it to trigger the catastrophe that served as the cause for the complete destruction of the civilization that thrived during the First Era: the Grathnode Inferia. On the other hand, the Teru coexist with the humans in the world of Metafalss, and due to being the inventors of the technology used for Diving, most of them also make a living as Dive Shop clerks and operators.

There are also half-breeds of Terus with humans and Reyvateils: they are descendants of the team of engineers known as the "People of Mio", and they used to live in the area known as Kanakana Pier. On the world of Sol Cluster, the Teru school called "Munoph Ayatane " once prophesied that "the Reyvateils would take hold of the trigger for the restoration of the world", which is why they manipulated the Reyvateil country of Clustania from the shadows, but after the head of the Homuragi Necrofamily: "Homuragi Gentoku Rakujou", caused the "Ayatane War", the Archia Think Tank carried out a systematic extermination of all the living Necrofamilies, leaving them as forgotten existences.

Currently, the only known living Necrofamily in this region is "Ayatane Kureha Kirinami", who was still a child at the time the Ayatane War took place, and after said war, he was sheltered by Clustania.


[nagi]Ar tonelico visual art book

The eponymous heroine of the Harvestasha legends. Different person from the Reyvateil Origin that was named after her later on. Unknown Ar tonelico[ edit ] The name of the enormous structures Towers that serve as the setting for each individual game in the series. The name is composed by the Hymmnos Language words "Ar" the only and "tonelico" divine tree , which together translate to "The Holy World Tree", and are enormous structures that were built during the times the land still existed in Ar Ciel. They go from the First to the Third Towers. The First Tower of "Ar tonelico" is an "amplification Tower" that "supplies the people with an amplified version of the power of sounds on which Sound Science is grounded".


Ar Tonelico artbook



Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia


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