Yoshura However, in deep space and integrated over long periods of engine operation time, the gentle push of an ion engine can impart a very significant velocity change to a spacecraft, and do so extremely efficiently: Hybrid-propellant rocket topic Hybrid rocket motor detail of SpaceShipOne A hybrid-propellant rocket is a rocket with a rocket motor that uses rocket propellants in two different phases: Description Traditional nuclear pulse propulsion has the downside that the minimum size of the engine is defined by the minimum size of the nuclear bombs used to create thrust. A Laser Sail is a photon sail beam-powered by a remote laser installation. Rub a balloon against your hair or shirt and then hold it near your arm, the hairs on your arm will feel tingly and be attracted to the balloon. This will make m into 1, and turn the equation into:. Since tungsten has a density of Mama Murphy is annoying In a title, if your post contains spoilers, begin your title with [spoiler]. Want to add to the discussion?

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Despite the risk of starting work before the contract, it paid off when the USSA gave them both the contract for the booster engine and the contract for a deep range transmitter.

Both projects were completed before However, ArcJet only received payment for the deep range transmitter project, as the rocket was delayed before the Great War due to problems on the western front.

Eager to deliver on its first agency contract, Reinhardt hired Dr. By December, both of their projects were on schedule, and even under budget, and the USSA was discussing the possibility of other future projects [5]. In February , the XMB suffered a setback when it was discovered that it was hundreds of tons over the weight allowance demanded by USSA [6] , setting them potentially three to six months behind schedule [7].

Reinhardt also became increasingly paranoid about security, having turrets installed in the office areas and requiring everyone to wear special identification badges or risk being fired upon [8].

By , ArcJet was able to complete the deep range transmitter project, allowing them to earn the proceeds from their contract. However, before the event, a reporter somehow managed to sneak into the core engine room and was accidentally vaporized by an engine test.

The press event was canceled and Reinhardt ordered Sam Brent to cover the death up to prevent them from losing their contract [12]. In October, Dr. McClellan discovered the coverup of the dead reporter and told Reinhardt he was going to inform the police.

Reinhardt responded by threatening to kill McClellan and his family if he told anyone. Despite this, McClellan still planned to take the video evidence to the press [14].

Layout Edit The layout of the building differs, depending on whether or not the Call to Arms quest has been started. Before starting the quest, the building will only consist of the main lobby and a corridor leading to a collapsed room. Once the quest has been started, the whole building will be accessible and infested by synths. Upper floors Edit The upper floors of the building have suffered massive internal damage, making it a maze of collapsed floors and ceilings.

This area consists of the main lobby area, offices, restrooms, data storage, and board rooms. After passing the lab control room is a lobby defended by two ceiling-mounted machinegun turrets and a handful of synths. This lobby gives access to several rooms which contain a weapons workbench , an armor workbench and a chemistry station. In the room with the chemistry station, an Expert locked terminal can be used to unlock a nearby Expert locked safe.

In the eastern room, some stairs are leading up to the office area. The corridors are heavily defended by four ceiling-mounted turrets although they can be deactivated from a terminal located in the first room on the lefthand side. In the northwest corner, a collapsed floor gives access to the receptionist area where an Advanced locked safe can be found and where stairs lead down to the ArcJet engine core.

ArcJet engine core Edit Beneath the main building is a large rocket engine test chamber. The XMB booster engine can be found suspended from the ceiling. At the bottom of the chamber is a facilities terminal inside a small control room that can be used to restore auxiliary power. The engine is still functional and can be activated by pressing the start button in this control room once power is restored.

The engine will test fire and the intense flames from it will turn all synths inside the chamber to piles of ash. This can only be done once and cannot be repeated. The only way to access the top section of the chamber is to ride the elevator due to collapsed stairs. At the top are the main control room and multiple synth enemies. Here one can find the deep range transmitter and an elevator to the surface. Notable loot Discarded ArcJet worklog — In the lab control room, on a desk next to a terminal and a globe in the middle of the room.

Deep range transmitter — Quest item for Call to Arms, located on a synth in the upper floor control room after using the elevator in the rocket test area. One has to pass the same locked door as for the Stealth Boy, but turn left instead and go up the stairs. It is in the first room one comes to. Junk Jet — Engine core, in the control room at the base of the rocket, on a work table beside a holotape from the creator.

Stealth Boy — The first is passed a Novice locked door to the left of a collapsed stairway in the small lobby with a broken, flooded floor. Overdue book — Sitting on the large table in the meeting room, which is located on the second floor in the northeastern corner of the hallway where one encounters three machine gun turrets attached to the ceiling.

Two fusion cores — One in the generator room behind the rocket control room. A second is inside a generator, in a small warehouse to the north of ArcJet Systems. The warehouse is trapped with a landmine. This can either be accessed going down from the top of the stairwell or by getting onto the railing as soon as one enters the area with the engine and jumping up to the walkway that leads to the room marked with a "2.


ArcJet Systems



Arcjet rocket





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