Assimil is a dialogue based learning course popular amongst language learners. Assimil has a range of courses available in a variety of languages, but is geared primarily towards French speakers. What is Assimil? It publishes several different series, their most popular being Sans Peine or With Ease.

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The entire website is in French however with no English order form. Have you or do you use Assimil? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Is the Assimil Method based on any research data or empirical evidence? Very difficult question.

He was a visionary because he understood that self-learning was some kind of modern thing related to a growing individualistic trend in European societies. This is in stark contrast to a product like Pimsleur for example where the founder Paul Pimsleur and his method are very well documented with lots of supportive evidence and data.

Phase one, the passive phase, involves reading, listening to and repeating the first 49 lessons of the book without attempting to translate the material back into English or French. Once the 50th lesson has been reached, the active phase begins. This requires you to start back at lesson 1 and this time actually complete the translation exercises as you continue to move through the book. That would be like suggesting you can become a professional violinist by reading sheet music.

As I say all the time, translation approaches to language learning are thoroughly outdated remember that Assimil was made back in ! In fact I would argue that one of the characteristics of functional spoken fluency is being able to communicate without translating. To make no mention of actually using the language with people and to claim that half an hour of book study a day is all you need to become a high level speaker is demonstrably false.

I know that in my own experience learning many languages over the past decade, I can confidently say that a spoken B2 equivalent in any language takes a serious, long-term and intensive time commitment. What is it about Assimil that sets it apart from other language book series and methods e. Teach Yourself and Michel Thomas? Assimil was created in So there is a strong idiosyncrasy in the Assimil method.

For languages so closely related to English like French, this is indeed a great starting point. If the method itself was designed to help you identify similar patterns and structures then that would make it utterly useless for languages like Arabic or Mandarin Chinese.

What that means is that unlike typical courses which begin with a grammar point and then reinforce that grammar point with dialogues and exercises, Assimil has a strong emphasis on lexical chunk acquisition e. As anyone who follows me knows, I always teach that a grammar-first approach to language learning is unnatural and backward. In the Assimil series, grammar explanations are a mere footnote.

Instead, Assimil focuses on presenting you with complete, useable expressions and even the translation exercises which I mentioned above are for whole phrases rather than grammar drilling. This is excellent.

This is something I advocate constantly. I found this incredibly convenient as I usually have to create my own audio files for learning using tools like Audacity which is very time-consuming. Assimil has done this for me. I can then put those short expressions into a tool like Anki to make flashcards using the audio with images or text, or I can just play them on repeat. Many of the situational dialogues in Assimil appear completely random and strange, and are not going to be useful to most people in most circumstances.

These are just a few examples of the kind of bizarre and unnecessary scenarios the book presents. A big part of language learning is searching for high-frequency expressions that you use a lot and are personally relevant.

These are situational expressions that I could find useful in many other scenarios. So I take those expressions, use the MP3 files provided and discard the rest of the dialogue perhaps until another time. Make sense? The verdict: Is Assimil as great as people say it is? But the Assimil Method is not. Call this serendipity, call this whatever you want. From this point of view, Assimil was very disruptive at that time. But you have to be French or to be raised in France to understand this.

I mean we do not know how it works at a scientific level. Maybe one day. Have you used Assimil? Share your thoughts below!


The Most Honest Assimil Review You’ll Ever Read

Estamos encantados de recibirles a las puertas del territorio de Ia lengua inglesa, en su vertiente americana. Desde su primer libro en , El ingles sin esfuerzo, Assimil ha venido prestando especial atenci6n al aprendizaje del ingles. Con El ingles americano sin esfaerzo, nuestro empefio es seguir profundizando y completando en esa direcci6n. Hoy dia no hace falta ya destacar la importancia que hay en distinguir el ingles americano del ingles britanico. Para bien o para mat, el mundo del comercio internacional y de las comunicaciones a escala mundial gira en tomo a los Estados Unidos. Por eso, actualmente, no solo hay cerca de millones de americanos que hablan ingles americano, sino que mas del doble, en todo el mundo, recurren a el como Iengua de comunicaci6n intemacional. Por esa raz6n, Assimil ha considerado imprescindible "creat" un metodo totalmente nuevo titulado El ingles americano sin esfuerzo, que sea una introducci6n, autentica y original, a la Iengua y cultura de los Estados Unidos.


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