Wichit Sirichote, kswichit kmitl. Single-side and double side PCB files included. Acrobat files for PCB image. The circuit features low-cost and easy use. The latest version V1.

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Wichit Sirichote, kswichit kmitl. Single-side and double side PCB files included. Acrobat files for PCB image. The circuit features low-cost and easy use. The latest version V1. There is no separated functions like other programmer e. If the chip is not blank or the code is locked, it will erase first, then write and verify Hardware Figure 1 depicts a circuit diagram of the Easy-Downloader.

As shown, the circuit uses a 89C with writer. It can be raised from 0V, 5V and 12V by appropriated signal from P3. The 8-bit latch, 74LS provides some signal for selecting the programming modes.

Incrementing address is done by pulsing a positive pulse to XTAL pin. The adapter output should be approx. He made within an hour, thanks again for providing us, the Acrobat PCB file.

The original writer. Functional Test Use a given programmer or ready made Easy-Downloader write the writer. Put the programmed chip to the board. Invoke any communication software with baud, 8-data bit, no parity. If you put the chip having already program inside, r command will show the hex code with the number of byte set by s command.

Try e command to erase the entire program!! All done. Figure 2 shows example of using Xtalk program to test the board. Figure 2: Using Xtalk to test the board Now try with "ez" the uploader program to help you more easy to write the hex file to the chip. Example of using ez is shown in Figure 3. Have fun Figure 3: Example of using EZ program writes the writer. After the EZ recognizes the chips, then click Send Hexfile, that all.

Since there is no signature byte that indicates chip number and programming voltage, thus you have to choose the appropriated memory size either or manually, i. Download EZ Uploader V3. OBJ instead of. The EZ needs. HEX extension, just rename it Expensive ZIF Socket Without expensive ZIF socket, you may use an ordinary socket instead, surely many times of pulling the chips may cause the far end leg of the chip broken. My student suggests me to insert one more socket to the chip.

It works very nice. Even the programmer has ZIF, but your application board does not have. Many adapters provide higher DC output than the value labeled, to ensure, check the proper programming voltage that must be in the range of Putting Right Position The latest version does not include the protection circuit if putting wrong position, i.

Thus before put the chip into the programmer or your application board, back to see your thought, say I am putting the chip to the right position, then pick the chip, and place it While verifying after erase it showed 0 to byte as the chip, it means twice reading, i.

When programming, the control chip will write and verify only the size of program. Easy 1.


Atmel 89C2051 In-Circuit Programmer Schematic

Its output is accessible to the software via the P3. Data protection system is designed very well. With the AT89C51, it is not even possible to transfer contents of the internal FLASH memory if an external memory with a special software is attached to it. The only disadvantage of this processor is a small and non-expandable program memory. The circuit is intended for simple applications, where room and number of wires are limited.


Atmel AT89C2051 programmer



Atmel Avr AT89C2051 AT89C4051 USB Programmer


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