A story involving electronics, blackmail, intimidation, government conspiracies, arson, vandalism, theft, bribery and murder! The growing migration to "alternative" therapies underlines this all too well. Nowadays an increasing number of people are turning to all kinds of seemingly strange therapies where the efficiencies of traditional medicine are all too obvious. One area that has seen a revival in recent years is electrotherapy - the idea that disease can be cured through the application of electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

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Yozshurg To verify if electro-magnetic energy does have at least some effect, a very limited in scope and simple research project is being conducted by a group of engineering volunteers, on a hobby-basis — and is limited to finding if the EME can prevent mold mould formation on a piece of untreated bread.

GPA for the dcoon students continued to rise even after treatment was discontinued! Thus a cold is several steps that the body takes to trap and flush out inappropriate microbes from the body. I took one container and exposed it too a rangeof different anti-mould frequencies of the magnetic pulser. The vacuum tubes have been replaced with solid state rectifiers. Aubrey Scoon mentions the change scopn this tube on his web site.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to get rid of a cancer altogether. Aubrey Scoons early s Beam Rays Replica Rife Machine Some people question the ability of the lower power in the primary RF carrier frequency and the increased power aubbrey the sidebands to devitalize the microorganisms.

Since we know that Philip Hoyland used the higher harmonic frequency closest to the augrey frequency in these instruments what we have to do is multiplyHertz by 17 to get the closest frequency to the 3, Hertz. Some types of Cancer are reported to be caused by a virus. The MWO uses a Tesla coil and special antenna with concentric rings that induce multiple sparks between them. Your Rife History Educational Website.

Also, if you have a serious medical condition, this use of this technology should not replace any competent medical advice you are currently receiving. The electronic components are almost identical to our original Beam Rays Clinical instrument. One Star is added xubrey websites with that use https SSL encryption properly. The audio amplifier is on the PC board and made it so we can use a modern audio oscillator to input the audio frequencies into the instrument.

More complex theories exist, although none have been presented in a clear and understandable sdoon. They also found significant improvements in memory, reading and arithmetic. The test antenna, however, was approximately 12 inches away from the emitter and might not had been oriented in best direction of the transmitting face, and thus the signal at closer proximity to the emitter might have been significantly stronger, likely at an estimated range of 1 W or so, i.

Doing this would also show that the two instruments worked identically the same way. Other sources report beneficial MOR frequencies to be between Hz to 24 KHz range for scon problems, and up to kHz for unique problems cancers. Only the list which came first would have all the correct aubrfy.

Below is the schematic of this s instrument. This would also prove that the sideband method was the method of producing the M. Please send this page to a friend. Since we know that Philip Hoyland designed this Beam Ray Clinical machine and hid the method of using sideband frequencies to produce higher harmonics of Dr. Reference to any specific product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement or recommendation by this website. We are all curious to learn about ourselves Discover your qualities, your managerial profile and hone in on your skills with the help of this tool.

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In Memory of Aubrey Scoon - Royal Rife Research - Europe

Output to the ray tube about watts. In Aubrey Scoon passed away. His web site remained up on the web until the domain name expired last year. Since his web site is no longer available and is an important part of this chapter, including this report, we have included all of his information pertaining to his machine on this web site. We now know that it was not an original Beam Ray instrument built by Beam Ray Corporation but it is an exact replica of that instrument. It was originally for sale on www.



She gave me her permission to pass on the following details: Aubrey had been complaining about feeling unwell for the past 9 months and he attributed this to having an ulcer. Aubrey never liked going to the doctor and his wife kept telling him to have a check-up. He went to the doctor and Aubrey told him he thought he had an ulcer and the doctor just gave him medicine for ulcers without performing any tests. In the last few days, he had been complaining that his ulcer was getting worse and his wife suggested that maybe he had something else - but they never suspected a heart problem. His father did have a history of heart attacks and his wife was surprised that Aubrey, who knew so much about medicine, never thought it could be a heart problem. On March 19, he was in Oxford with a long term friend of his, who indeed is a medical doctor, when he collapsed with obvious signs of a heart attack. The emergency services were called and he was even able to call his wife to tell her how what was happening.


Aubrey Scoon's website - Royal Rife Research - Europe

Now that he has passed on and his website has been taken offline, this is now the only official and authorized place to find his original research. Please note that the contents of this and the following pages reflect the opinion of Aubrey Scoon only. His opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of www. Changes made to original website: As Aubrey Scoon has now passed on, we made some minor changes to reflect this. Links to his email address have been removed along with any comments that he may be expanding on a report later.



Main frequency Dial Adjustment The center control is the main modulation frequency dial. This is calibrated in one step units from Modulation Amplitude Control Dial The right hand control is the modulation depth control. It varies the modulation applied to the grid of the output triode from 0 to 50 V p-p. Treatment Settings The machine came with some old diary pages with a series of treatment settings scribbled on them. The year of the diary was not shown, just the months but February was shown.

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