Ken H. Others on the forum have said they get well over shots. I had the same problem with my H1. The H5 manual, while referring to the Sony charger, states "When charging a high capacity battery other than the supplied battery using the supplied charger, the full capacity of the battery may not be available. And an old set of MaH Vartas I have charge in less than 3 hours.

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Re: Unlikely independent-channel smart charger The made-in-Japan AA cells have been fantastic performers, but I immediately tossed the chargers into a box. I just about put them in the "sale" box, but thought it would be fun to see if it provided smart termination, and more importantly, independent charging for each cell. Bottom line is, it definitely charges and terminates the cells independently, and it is not a timer charger. The Test: I used two each Sanyo and Sony cells, for a total of four.

These have been very good performers for me. I drained one each down to 1 volt. The other two I charged on the BC, then drained mAh from them. Then I put one fully drained cell and one partially drained cell into each Sony charger. Using an IR thermometer, I monitored each cells temperature. During this time, the fully discharged cells temperatures did not rise by more than 2 degrees.

At about the six hour mark, the temps of the two fully discharged cells also rose sharply about degrees. Shortly thereafter, the charger LED turned off, indicating it had completed charging. The IR readings also show that it charges and terminates independently. Then I wanted to compare how fully the Sony charges compared to the BC I allowed the cells to rest a few hours, then discharged them at mA on the BC The two Sanyos both delivered mAh. Then I charged them back up on the BC at mA charge rate.

After letting them rest a few hours, I again discharged them on the BC at mA. You can see that not only does the Sony charger charge independently and have "smart" termination, it also packs as much energy into the cells as the BC In an age where one expects "extras" packaged with a product to be garbage, it is pleasant to find this little gem of a charger packaged along with Sony AA-cell cameras!


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