Zolokree Neste momento eles fazem parte da equipe de apoio ao ajudar no cuidado do cavalo. Immediate effects of a hippotherapy session on gait parameters in children with spastic cerebral palsy. Services on Demand Journal. Segundo Negri et al. Resultados foram encontrados 47 centros de equoterapia cadastrados. A randomized controlled trial of the impact of therapeutic horse riding on the quality of life, health, and function beneticios children with cerebral palsy.

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ABSTRACT Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder and includes damage in social interaction, communication, has repeated behavioral patterns , little interest , and begins before 3 years of age. Ed Washington DC. APA The cause of autism is still unknown. Dozens of studies have tried to unravel the genetic factors that are associated with disease. Objective: In this sense the objective of the study is to review the material available in the literature about the effects of equine therapy in children with autistic disorders.

Results: A total of 29 articles related to the topic and after criteria adopted for exclusion, six studies were selected for the part of critical analysis of content , where they showed that equine therapy is a beneficial treatment for children with autistic disorders.

Conclusion: We concluded that equine therapy can indeed come to be a great treatment in autistic children , because as we have seen in all the papers that we use in this work there were several evidence that treatment with horse brings many benefits for these children.

There is still a small amount of articles, you will need to do more research for us to have a satisfactory amount of scientific basis to better help these patients. Keywords: Equine therapy, treatment , children, autism. Os primeiros sinais podem ser observados entre os 4 e os 8 meses de idade, devido ao atraso da fala e da motricidade. Manipula os objetivos de forma repetitiva. Tem um interesse em movimentos circulares. BRITO, 7. Dos artigos selecionados todos foram estudos de casos, sendo publicados entre e Jornal Pedriatria.

Rio de Janeiro , Vol. Alexsandra V. Elias , Francisco B. Qualidade de vida e autismo. The genetics of autism. Klin A. Attributing social meaning to ambiguous visual stimuli in higher-functioning autism and Asperger syndrome: the social attribution task.

J Autism Develop Disord O autista na equoterapia: a descoberta do cavalo. A psicomotricidade na equoterapia. Van den Hout C. Bragonje, The effect of equine assisted therapy in children with autism spectrum disorders.

Wuang, Yee-Pay, Et al. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, Human Kinetics, Inc. Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, Lisboa em


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