It was domic wild, that some of the pages got removed from DeviantArt. How did you first get into body expansion art? Wow, this chapter was up sooner than I thought! A great deal of my gallery is commission work on DeviantArt. Patreon A lot of folks know each other but there are also new artists and fans popping up all the time every year.

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Most of the content is about as boring and awkward as sex with two condoms on. After a couple years, it worked out to be my full-time job. Herriman with Madame Foster, and Bloo was going to get a piece of the action. That has kind of become a staple of weight-gain art, rapid expansion. While the quality of the work ranges from crude to stunningly-detailed, the themes are always fresh and innovative.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Web Comics The other big thing that caught my eye was how popular the. Stuffing is a term used for images depicting characters with food in their mouths already, eating more then a normal person should in one sitting let alone one bite! I was equal parts curious and confused. I ended up running into Princess Peach from the Mario Bros. Peach had grown so large that her iconic pink dress was stretched over only the top half of her stomach.

The typical process is I come up with ideas, sketch them down with pencil in my sketchbook and then work up a more polished finished sketch. Your review has been posted. He shot two arrows an extra just in case heading for Bloo just when Berry had thrown hers.

That was a MESS. The scenery was completely foreign: There is a fairly large body expansion community—of both artists and fans—on DeviantArt, which seems pretty supportive and fun.

She is consuming spaghetti with the bloboerry of the comic up like spaghetti. I almost get as many on my blog. One thing I particularly enjoy is the muffin top expansion, which is where the stomach fat is pushed up and overlaps the belt line of tight jeans or pants to create a muffin-shape effect. I usually spend bloboerry month on a page comic or a page color bloogerry.

How did he get so big so quickly? Blueberry expansion was something I stumbled onto very early on. Those were BIG challenges, and I like challenges, so those come cmic mind. Just In All Stories: Thank you both for your time. But depicting characters rapidly or realistically expanding is exciting because you get to indulge in something that normally takes months or years in real life. In the wide world of body expansion, reality is no object.

Sigmund Freud would have a field day. A lot of viewers and fans give feedback, and I do my best to reply to every comment. The first expansion art I ever drew was in but the first one I ever posted online was in early Do you think body expansion art comid ever break into the mainstream?

This process normally takes about hours depending on the complexity of the picture but even then art is not a set process so sometimes it takes even longer. I did some commissions involving multiple girls all entangled and interacting—all with various expansions.

Was that movie an influence? The TF remote comic pages were definitely unique. Most 10 Related.



Mikaramar Peach had grown so large that her iconic pink dress was stretched over only the top half of her stomach. Others would include Kawaii Debu and LesToil. To bring you a little closer to the vortex of this fascinating subculture, I recently interviewed two prominent body expansion artists from DeviantArt. Actually I do a lot of commission work.







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