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All necessary purchasing and design information is provided in the sales catalogue. Follow good engineering practices, read the information in this manual thoroughly and apply it rigorously.

Page 5: Requesting Technical Assistance Failure to observe these instructions may result in serious safety and environmental risks. Page 7 Unless they have backstop devices, gearboxes may reverse direction.

If there is any risk of uncontrolled movement occurring in the event of a power failure for example in load lifting applications , measures must be put in place to prevent such movement occurring for example by using motors with brakes that engage automatically if the power fails.

The nameplate provides essential information and specifications for correct and safe use. The designation of the gearbox is explained in the sales catalogue.

Page Description Of The Equipment Legibility of the nameplate The nameplate and the information thereon must be legible at all times. The nameplate should therefore be cleaned from time to time. Always quote the identifying data on the nameplate in all correspondence with the manufacturer, when ordering spare parts, requesting information or arranging technical assistance.

Failure to obtain this authorisation invalidates the ATEX certification. This type of packaging is intended for shipping by ground and not by sea, and for storage in areas which are under cover and not humid.

Page Handling Instructions Dispose of packaging materials as stipulated by applicable legislation. If the weight and shape of the packages makes manual handling unfeasible, use special equipment to avoid damage and injury.

Personnel authorised to use lifting and moving equipment must be trained and experienced in the operations required in order to avoid risks to themselves and other persons.

Page 15 Identify the attachment points for lifting the gearbox, as shown in the drawings. When using a crane, first lift the gearbox vertically out of its packaging. If using a fork lift or pallet truck, remove the packaging and insert the forks at the positions provided. Do not store the unit in excessively humid conditions or where it is exposed to the weather i. Design personnel must, if necessary, implement a safety plan to protect the health and safety of all persons directly involved and to ensure the rigorous application of all relevant legislation.

Page 20 Proceed as follows to install the gearbox. Place the gearbox in the vicinity of the installation area. Mount the gearbox and secure it to the structure at the fixing points provided. Secure the gearbox to the structure using all the fixing points on the relevant mounting foot or flange.



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Bonfiglioli Riduttori - Vf63



Bonfiglioli VF 63 A 10 P80 B5 B3 Universal Gear Reducer NEW NMP



0.25 Hp Bonfliglioli Gearbox - VF44 F1 35 P63 B5 B3


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