Features Written by Bruce Rogers, an internationally recognized authority on English language standardized test preparation. This complete text provides test-taking strategies at the beginning of each section, extensive practice with all question types found on the TOEFL iBT, a separate section on essay writing, additional exercises addressing the most common errors made on the TOEFL test, and two full practice tests. Step-by-step lessons teach students to break down tasks, helping them to master the essential skills needed to score well. The audio program on CD or tape includes all the listening material needed for the text.

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This publication is not endorsed or approved by ETS. B Exercise 2. B center later 2. C appointment appointed 3. C plants cattle 4.

A drain train 5. A sister missed her 6. C copy cough drops 7. B hear pain 8. C food boots 9. C weakened awakened B texts collect A van fine B list police Exercise 3. B Exercise 3. A Answer Key Exercise 4. A was in trouble 2. A met … unexpectedly 3. B became friends 4. A simple 5. B immediately 6. A nervous 7.

B a little sick 8. A looks like 9. A permanently B Help B close to A Exercise 4. C Exercise 5 1. C Exercise 6. A Exercise 6. B Exercise 7. B Exercise 8 1. A Answer Key Exercise 9 1. A Exercise 10 1. B Mini-Test 1: Dialogs 1. B Exercise B Mini-Test 2: Extended Conversations 1.

C Exercise C Mini-Test 3: Mini-Talks 1. As a matter of fact 3. As a rule 7. Beats me Cheer up Hold still 8. No harm done Not at all Pay attention So far so good 8. Save breath Stick with Take it easy Take off Turn off 3.

Turn around B Explanation of Written Expression Items The plural verb are indicates that a plural subject, thousands, must be used The preposition in should replace the preposition since.

The preposition since is used only in sentences in which the verb is in the present perfect tense, not the simple past tense. The noun variety should be used in place of the adjective various. The word alike is only used in the pattern A and B are alike. The correct pattern in this sentence is A, like B, The subject of the sentence is use; it is an unnecessary repetition of the subject. A plural pronoun their should be used to agree with the plural noun cowboys. The relative pronoun who can only refer to a person, not to a thing.

The relative pronoun that or which should be used instead. An adverb potentially not an adjective potential is needed. The subject of the clause one species is singular, so the singular verb is must be used. Almost is the wrong word choice. The best word choice is most or almost all. Despite is used only before noun phrases. An adverb-clause marker although must be used with a clause. A noun injury , not a verb injure , is required.

The preposition must precede the relative pronoun: in which. After the verb permit, an infinitive to exist is used. The correct pattern is between A and B. In order to be parallel with the other words in the series logic and probability , the name of the field engineering must be used. The verb in this sentence should be passive; therefore, the past participle known not the -ing form knowing must be used. Before a word beginning with a vowel sound honor , the article an must be used.

The superlative form of a one-syllable adjective old is formed with the suffix -est: oldest. The noun belief should be used in place of the verb believe. The plural pronoun those should be used to refer to the plural noun phrase public buildings. The correct pattern is neither nor. A past participle held is needed in place of the -ing form. A plural noun teeth is required.

Exercise 17 1. D Exercise 18 1. A Exercise 19 1. A Exercise 20 1. C Exercise 22 1. D Mini-Test 4: Structure 1. A Exercise 24 1. A Nowadays A Since Exercise Sun today is thousands of times Jarger than the Earth Therefore, the Sun will be thousands of times smaller than it is today According to the passage, the Sun is now a yellow dwarf star; it will then expand to a red giant star, shrink to a white dwarf star, and finally cool to a black dwarf The word eject has the same meaning as "throw off.

C related the expert the by by away the of side the familiar people to on from of to Answer Key Exercise A which 2. B deals with 3. A Many 4.


The Complete Guide To The Toefl Test IBT Edition – Bruce Rogers



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