For other pressures, relevant corrections have to be applied. The psychrometric chart looks like a shoe. The various lines shown in the chart are as follows please refer the fig. In the first part of this series we saw representation of DB, WB, DP temperature and moisture content on the pschrometric chart. The different curves of RH indicate different values of humidity measured in percentage.

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Purchase KS Practical Psychrometry A practical introduction to psychrometry and the use of the psychrometric chart as a design tool. KS20 is essential reading for those involved in designing and operating the systems that achieve comfortable environments for occupants, such as air conditioning.

The publication covers the properties of atmospheric air; the basis for and the construction of the psychrometric chart; psychrometric processes such as heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification and the equipment that is used.

Quote "from a practicing engineer: "Psychrometry is essential for air conditioning design, and the psychrometric chart is really useful to help you think about your design and how it will work and check that it will work! This publication is not intended to provide a comprehensive theoretical approach to Psychrometry but to give the newcomer to the topic enough information to understand how the psychrometric chart is constructed and how the information it provides can be used.

It will show how psychrometry, the psychrometric chart and psychrometric processes are used in the practice of building services engineering. The nature of atmospheric air and its properties is examined, together with the quantities by which it is measured and the processes by which it can be modified.

The parameters commonly used to provide specifications for designs, and for measuring air conditions are considered. Having explained the construction of the psychrometric chart the various psychrometric processes and the equipment used to provide them are explored.

These include the changes which air undergoes as it passes through an occupied space and the engineered processes such as heating, cooling,humidification, dehumidification and mixing. With the basics and processes covered there is a brief overview explaining how the natural external environment can be transformed into a controlled internal environment by using items of equipment that can vary the temperature and humidity of air within air conditioning systems.

This section is limited to describing some typical examples of sample systems. It is intended that the reader should understand the basic operation of the systems but it does not address the design process in detail.

Contents: Part 1: Psychrometry and the psychrometric chart 1 Introduction 1.


PC01 CIBSE Psychrometric Chart (-10 to +60 degree C) 50 charts



How to Use a Psychrometric Chart: Lines and Curves


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