The pamphlet ended on an intriguing note, with images of new "armored" versions of the Cyberjets meant for a then-upcoming Japanese extension to the Generation 2 toyline , though in fact they were never released. To this day, the series remains one of the most comprehensive English-language reference texts available for American toy product. Written in both Japanese and English. It covers the official convention from to in the U.

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Hi guys, PacifistPrime here with my third originated article. Oh foolish, foolish poppet One of many such decisions my wallet has come to regret. Also, does anyone know what befell the series, i. Anyone wanna dish in? Anyway, hope you like it, and let me know what you think. I heard that much as Doug Dlin would like the magazine to continue, there are some logistics issues in getting all the right resources lined up at all the right times.

I am inclined to delete it before this page becomes the precedent for putting up pages on every unofficial guide ever published. And there are a lot. They at least got permission from Hasbro to use images and artwork of the actual characters and toys. Do most other unofficial guides use official artwork and images? Alverez has put together Whether Hasbro has placed the stamp of approval on these books or not, these are books that have been published about Transformers, which, to my mind, elevates them from being something more than a fanzine or whatever, and, therefore, makes them worthy of inclusion here.

If a published book can be covered, does it matter whether it was made by a real publisher versus a vanity press? If we say "no fan works except books published on paper" does that include TransManual, which you can download as a PDF but was, at one time, printed out?

I would LIKE to have articles about things like unofficial conventions, the major discussion boards, TransMasters, etc.

Both, I feel, defeat the purpose of the enterprise. One article for all of them, sort of like the Tonka GoBots or unofficial conventions or something.

This article seems to demonstrate such and would just make the unofficial guidebooks article rather unwieldy if merged. Again, where does it end?

Why is Cybertronian exempt, and why not have gigantic pages on every other unofficial guide? Cyb should get a paragraph on a "bulk" page for Unofficial Guides, maybe a second to note the links to official things reused artwork or cover artists who have done official TF work , and leave it at that.

Despite being a big fan of Cybertronian, I dislike the idea of starting a precedent where unofficial things can have enough written about them here that they warrant their own articles. Although saying that suddenly leaves me wondering whether the alt. I state from the outset my bias, in that I originated this article. Anyway, I understand all the problems people are having with the issue of precedent, but I think this should merit an exception.

But also, I think that it has a modestly significant place in TransFandom, as the first major English-language comprehensive reference text on the franchise, predating the Dreamwave-spearheaded wave of retro interest in G1 Transformers. As noted in the article, Cybertronian is believed to have influenced later official publications, and stands as an extremely well-researched, professionally produced guide made with implicit consent by Hasbro.

I would argue that the article deserves to stay, clearly noted as belonging in the Fandom category. If we can have standalone articles on totally unofficial things like Alt. If it is only concerned with cataloging official HasTak product, then by that argument pretty much everything in the Fandom category should be deleted or merged. However, I was immediately struck by the amount of censorship that was applied to this wiki. I think this discussion on the Cybertronians highlights that there are several schools of thought about the purpose of this wiki, yet it seems that the moderators collectively belong to just one school really.

Where would he find details on such a book? Google would help, sure. But a resource, say this wiki, that had set to be the most complete repository of information would be good place to start. Who are we you to decide what information should be witheld? I appreciate that to open up the door to all info is likely result in a flood of crappy fan fiction, baseless gossip and crappy customs.

Personally I feel some of the character profiles start with juvenile humour bios that equate to fanwank anyhow. Thus the antithesis of the "only official" argument would to replace all the bios with the official ones.

Check out he continuity aticle as proof that even HasTak, Marvel, IDW etc show no respect for their own previous work. And I especiall would like to see i include these Cybertronians. Incidentally, has anyone considered the other wikis. But they also have Memory Beta to inlude the mostly awful novels and books.

And I think there is a Memory Gamma for fan-fiction. A similar thing could be applied here: Teletraan 1 for official stuff, Teltraan 2 for unofficial stuff websites, reference works, novels, games etc , Teletraan 3 for fan-fiction, Teletraan 4 for customs etc etc.

Just a thought. What if someone else makes an extensive page on a crappy guidebook? If they do? So what? Is it that bad? They are terrific resources, probably the best english language photo reference guide in print.

Their commissioned artwork has been used in official publications. Unofficial is unofficial, regardless of quality or pedigree, right? Jimsorenson , 8 August UTC See Talk:Alignment for more details, but the upshot there is that enough canon material has referenced "Alignment" for it to deserve its own page.

As Derik put it, "we might look to the apocryphal story of Alignment to inform our understanding of things that are official- which is why it even has an article. I certainly look to the unofficial Cybertronian guides to inform my understanding of things that are official, so the brief summary seems appropriate. BotCon was an unofficial convention. Mosaic are unofficial stories. I feel passionately about this. BotCon gets its own page because I could see it going either way, honestly.

The problem with the Recognition Guides is that their existence does not "inform our understanding" of anything on this wiki. Is the image currently featured one of them? Not that I can confirm this, as Sebastian never sent us any copies Can someone who owns volume 1 please help? I feel like the two sides here are; People who think the C:TRG is relevant enough in itself and want to keep the article and may-or-may-not be inclined to document other unofficial publications.

People who like the C:TRG and wish we should keep the article- but hate-and-fear the precedent that would establish could open the doors to a flood of such articles. We can then argue whether this attempt is successful- the group consensus might simply be that no matter how presented the guide remains too marginal to merit inclusion Can someone provide an external source on this, like a usenet post from that time?

If none exists I suppose I could just ask Doug to post one It came in two cover variants: Autobot Prime and Decepticon Megatron. It was more retailer-oriented, with no tech specs, just images, names, and some info tidbits mainly about what easily broke or got lost. If so, about how small should I make it, pixel-wise, to keep it within wiki limitations? I think answers to the above questions are outside that topic, though. The Hasbro-blessed-even-though-it-was-not-licensed thing Sameple pages-- a representative single-page character spread showing off the elaborate nature of the detail shots, included info and call-outs Both from the first volume, unless you feel the format evolved in later volumes to the extent that they would be more representative.

Large enough to read at least section headers so you can tell what kind of info is being included. Are you scanning these, or do you have digital source handy? Years of publication?

We have digital files. Am I gonna have to start questioning your TF cred, Derik? First printing of issue 1 was April BW issue 1 or 7, if you like was October But, if you need more ammo, JaAm? The Cybertronian has to be at least as important to the understanding of the state of Transformers as JaAm. So, is anyone strongly opposed to us dropping the merge and delete tags now? Explore properties.


Cybertronian An Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide Issue 5

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Unofficial guidebooks

Hi guys, PacifistPrime here with my third originated article. Oh foolish, foolish poppet One of many such decisions my wallet has come to regret. Also, does anyone know what befell the series, i. Anyone wanna dish in? Anyway, hope you like it, and let me know what you think.

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