The 1 best-selling ear training method, as seen in major music magazines for 20 years and verified by research at two leading universities. An amazing discovery into your personal musical talent. In the general population, Perfect Pitch is rare. But the further up the musical ladder you climb, the more commonplace the ability becomes. Professionals rate a good sense of pitch as the most valuable element of musicianship -- higher than any other essential, including good rhythm, technical facility, accurate memory, intensity discrimination, and creativity. Glancing at a page of sheet music, others may see only black dots.

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Then it dawned on me. Or A major from F major?! It all seemed so odd and contradictory. Humiliated and puzzled, I went home to work on this problem. At age 14, this was a hard nut to crack.

You can be sure I tried it out for myself. Day after day I tried to learn those freaking tones. I would hammer a note over and over to make it stick in my head. But hours later I would remember it a half step flat. I would have done anything to have an ear like Linda. But now I realized it was way beyond my reach. So after weeks of work, I finally gave up. Then it happened. It was like a miracle.

Then the simple secret to Perfect Pitch jumped right into my lap. Curiously, I began to notice faint "colors" within the tones. Not visual colors, but colors of pitch, colors of sound. They had always been there. It was simple. She laughed at me. I sat her down and showed her how to listen. Timidly, she confessed that she too could hear the pitch colors. With this jump start, Ann soon realized she also had gained Perfect Pitch. We became instant celebrities. Classmates loved to call out tones for us to magically sing from thin air.

They played chords for us to name by ear. They quizzed us on what key a song was in. Everyone was fascinated with our "supernatural" powers, yet to Ann and me, it was just normal.

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The Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course

Though it can be a very helpful tool for singers, it is neither a singing course nor a musical theory course. Rather, it is a highly specialized course designed to train your ear in the art of perfect pitch. Many of the benefits of perfect pitch are especially apparent to singers, but this skill not just for vocalists. There are many types of musicians that can benefit from developing perfect pitch. Now, the course is advertised as something all musicians can benefit from which is true , but the course format is primarily geared towards vocalists, keyboard players and pianists, and guitarists. Burge sells a separate course on. The simple explanation is this — Perfect pitch allows you to name exact pitches while relative pitch allows you to name chords and chord progressions.


Perfect Pitch Supercourse Review


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