Bulb brightness degrades with usage. Dell recommends replacing your bulb after hours usage. Equipment Your projector comes with all the items shown below. Ensure that you have all the items, and Page 8 Light Battery Disposal: Your projector remote control uses zinc-manganese batteries.

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Use the directional keys and Menu button to navigate through the OSD. Keystone Adjustment Press button to adjust image distortion caused by tilting the projector. Keystone Adjusts image distortion caused by tilting the projector. Page 4 Brightness Adjust the brightness of the image. Press to darken the image. Adjusting the contrast changes the amount of black and white in the image. Page 5: Color Setting Press to increase the contrast. Adjust the color temperature. With the higher temperature, the screen looks more blue; with the lower temperature, the screen looks more red.

User mode activates the values in the "color setting" menu. Color Setting This mode allows for manual adjustment of red, green, and blue color settings. Page 6 be scaled to fit the width of the screen. Page 7 Audio Volume Press to decrease the volume.

Page 9 screen. You can project from behind a translucent screen with a ceiling-mounted projection. Page 10 Power Saving Use this function to select the power saving delay period.

Press "Yes" to go into the "set time" sub menu. Set Time Min Set the power saving delay period as you prefer. When the projector is not receiving an input signal for the selected period of time, the projector will automatically enter power saving mode, and turn off the lamp. Page 11 Language Language Press to select the preferred language.

Factory Reset Menu Page 12 Factory Reset Select Yes to reset the projector to its factory default settings. Reset items include both computer image and video image settings. Computer Image Menu Frequency Change the display data clock frequency to match the frequency of your computer graphics card.

If you see a vertical flickering bar, use the frequency control to minimize the bars. Page 14 Press to move the image to the right. Position Vertical Position Press to move the image down. Saturation Adjust a video image from black and white to fully saturated color.

For customers of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only.


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