If the Chapter uses hoodwinks, demolay ritual book following paragraph must be given to boom candidates by a member of the chapter just prior to being blindfolded, and AFTER the above informanon has been explained. As a symbol of the setting sun and the eve of life emblematic of the night that ushers in the everlasting day. The Officers will take demolay ritual book stations and this Chapter will come to order. Brother Junior Deacon, inform the Sentinel that this Demolay ritual book is closed. Also before the degree begins, the Crown of Youth should be placed on a stand at or in the East and the Jewels distributed to the preceptors. Brother Junior Deacon, you will see that the Sentinel is on duty and direct him to guard us from intrusion.

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All in room rise. Suggested music cue. Lights should be extinguished, leaving only candles burning and Altar spot, if any, on full Officers except Stewards begin moving to form Shield as shown on Diagrams Seven and Eight. Stewards do not move unto Shield positions until after candidates have been assisted to kneel at instruction from M. When the class is small enough, all candidates should kneel at the Altar.

Stewards assist candidates to kneel. Stewards assist candidates to place their right hand on the Holy Bible or on the shoulder of the one in front of them, then take their positions in Shield. A diagonal is placed at suggested points for pausing, but M. I promise that I will henceforth honestly and earnestly strive to be a better son than I have ever been before, doing all in my power to repay the love and care my parents have devoted to me.

I promise that I will live a clean and moral life, keeping my body free from dissipation and my mind free from the uncleanness that defiles and debauches youth. I promise that I will love and serve God as a devout worshipper at the shrine of faith and that I will serve my fellowmen in the spirit of the universal brotherhood.

I promise that I will give to my country an unswerving allegiance, defending her honor with my life it need be, her flag, my flag, and her cause, my cause, and that I will obey the laws of my city, state and nation. I promise that I will be ever loyal to a Brother of this Order; that I will never cheat or wrong him; that I will seek to aid him in time of trouble and need; and will always remain silent if I cannot speak a good word for him in the presence of the uninitiated.

I promise that I will honor womanhood; that I will never be guilty of defaming the character of any woman; nor will I permit harm to come to the sister or mother of a member of this Order if it is in my power to prevent it.

So help me God! Stewards move from Shield positions to assist candidates to rise. If hoodwinks have been used, they are removed by Stewards at this time. Deacons and Stewards see that each candidate kisses the Holy Bible. It is most appropriate to have each candidate come forward and kiss the Holy Bible on the Altar However; in a very large class where thus would be too time-consuming, the Deacons and Stewards may pass small hand Bibles among the candidates.

When all candidates have kissed the Bible, lights are slowly raised to full. Deacons and Stewards return to Shield positions. Officers break Shield according to instructions for Diagram Seven. Stewards stand by candidates. When all other Officers are back at their stations Deacons move from positions to S R and Q R, respectively until they are approximately 3 feet apart and stand facing each other; but at an angle which makes it easy for the new Brothers to see their demonstration.

Deacons illustrate step, sign, token and grip as each is described by M. The step is made by placing the left foot in advance of the right, as though about to greet someone. The sign is made by extending the right hand forward, as though about to grasp him by the hand. The token is made by extending the left hand forward shoulder high, as though about to place it on the shoulder of the one greeted. The word of emulation is -- DeMolay. Deacons demonstrate grip.

The sign typifies the clasp of friendship and the helping hand of assistance. The token is the brotherly hand we would place upon the shoulder of one who sorrows. Deacons drop step, sign and token. The grip alludes to the three principal Officers of a Chapter, also to our duties to God, our parents and our country and to the wisdom of the ancient injunction that we should think twice before speaking once.

Deacons demonstrate grip once again. Simultaneously S. Ere you reach the symbolic South, emblematic of the noon of the day and the manhood years of life, you will be instructed in the seven cardinal virtues of our Order. I commend you to the preceptors in charge of the seven symbolic jewels in the Crown of Youth and may God speed and guard you on your way.

The symbolic journey consists of a procession, led by the S. Leaving 1 P. When 2 P stands, 1 P sits down. Pattern is same for all preceptors in sequence except that 7 P sits when procession first passes 1 P after leaving 7 P.

When all are properly positioned, S. D kneels on left knee and holds up Crown of Youth so preceptor can easily place jewel in Crown. Preceptor says first full sentence of his speech, places jewel in the Crown of Youth, continues speech to completion.

Another suggested option is placing the Crown of Youth on a pedestal near the altar and having each designated preceptor present his part within the candles. No virtue so becomes the young man who has passed the protected years of child and boy.

We are eager to enter upon the inheritance of our manhood; yet there is nothing effeminate in the home loving, mother-loving, father-loving young man, gratefully remembering the debt he can never repay, but striving to pay it in thoughtful consideration, courtesy, affectionate and dutiful obedience.

May this jewel in the Crown of Youth never be tarnished by disobedience or selfish neglect, but grow brighter as the years go by. As we are all sons of earthly parents, so are we the children of the Universal Father. My Brothers, in our Chapter we teach no religious creed. Your religious opinions are your own. But we do earnestly enjoin upon you the sacredness of faith, the beauty of a humble reliance on the goodness of God.

Let us strive to be true to this universal sonship. The world respects most of all the young man who has strong religious convictions and who has the courage of a high moral standard based on a profound acknowledgment of the fact that from God all earthly blessings flow.

I en join you to delight in the companionship of the devout, not only to frequent the holy places of worship but to carry their teachings into your daily lives. May this jewel shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Our mystic seven are not enough to include all the cardinal virtues that round out and complete a human character, but certainly courtesy cannot be omitted from the list --courtesy toward our parents, courtesy toward the stranger, courtesy toward the aged, courtesy toward all women, courtesy toward our friends and all with whom we come in contact.

We are all guilty of the fault of reserving our greatest politeness for friends and even strangers and laying aside in the home that refinement and consideration which are the foundation of the social graces. No man, young or old, is really refined who is not courteous and whose courtesy is not natural instead of being artificial and assumed. To be a friend tried and true is to display a virtue which adorns our humanity. History is glorified by the friendships of David and Jonathan, of Damon and Pythias, and other historic comrades But history has not volumes large enough to record the names of the unknown millions of friends who were true and faithful unto death.

Their heroic loyalty glorifies our human nature and sets an example worthy of our emulation. No man, young or old, can enjoy a higher honor than to be valued as a friend and trusted as a Brother. The Crown of Youth is not complete without the jewel representing this splendid virtue.

We have taken upon our lips the name of a great hero and martyr of history who gave up his life rather than betray the trust reposed in him. We may never be called upon to face such a trial as he endured, but we may be called upon to give our lives in defense of our country, and even to sacrifice them to save a human being. But far this side of these great crises, we are called upon every day to be faithful to trusts reposed in us, faithful to ideals we have professed, faithful to our friends, faithful to obligations we have assumed.

You know that the young man whose word is as good as his bond, who can be absolutely relied upon to fulfill his promises, if humanly possible, enjoys the esteem and confidence of all men I commend to you this virtue and urge you not to lose sight of its vital importance merely because you are not called upon to face some great drama of sacrifice. We all abhor the foul-mouthed, the obscene, the dissipated and the immoral young man, who anticipates the years of his manhood by indulging in habits which leave him weakened in body, enfeebled in mind and debased in heart and soul.

But we must guard against the more insidious faults which lead imperceptibly to these great moral sins. Let us guard our tongues from taking the name of God in vain, against irreverence of all kinds, against the lesser oaths that lead to blasphemy, against the cheap vulgarity of unclean jests.

Let us guard our bodies from all those milder dissipations which retard their development and impair their strength, holding them as the heritage of the future, a sacred trust not to be betrayed. Thousands of young men hardly older than ourselves have proved their heroic devotion to their country by offering their lives in defense of its honor. Many of them have made the supreme sacrifice and have helped win the blessings which we now enjoy. In your very veins flows patriotic blood.

But let me urge upon you this thought: that there is a patriotism of peace as well as a heroism of war and that good citizenship is the only opportunity peace affords for the display of this virtue. We are on the threshold of the duties and responsibilities of manhood and I commend to you most earnestly the virtue of good citizenship -- that patriotism which will make you live worthily for your country as well as die bravely for it if the need shall come. National Anthem. But in a more vital sense, the South is emblematic of the noon of life, when you approach the years of manhood -- when half your years lie behind you and half before.

Theoretically you have toiled zealously in the practice of the virtues enjoined upon you by the custodians of the seven symbolic jewels in the Crown of Youth. As the meridian hour of the day reminds the toiler that the labor of the afternoon must still be performed, so at the South you are to pause and reflect upon the solemn tasks of the manhood that awaits you.

You will now be conducted to the West, where you will receive further instruction. C rises. Do not think that it is untimely to impress upon the minds of those who are just beginning the journey of life the twilight and evening years.

For though the morning sun is still far from the zenith and the meridian sun is East of South, the wisest young man is he who looks well to the ending of the journey as well as to its beginning. When you reach the evening of your lives, may you be able to look back upon a long and happy journey, filled with memories of duties well performed, the Western sky glowing with the promise of the everlasting morning.

You will now be conducted to the East for final instruction. You will later have conferred upon you the DeMolay Degree. The S. D and Stewards escort the new Brothers to seats.



Dalkis To guard the inner door and allow none to enter who is not vouched for by the Sentinel. If the Chapter uses hoodwinks, the following paragraph must be given to the candidates by a member of the chapter just prior to being blindfolded, and AFTER the above informanon booi been explained. When all are demolay ritual book positioned, S. Brother Junior Deacon, demolay ritual book the Edmolay that this Chapter demolay ritual book closed. Many of them have made the supreme sacrifice and have helped win the blessings which we now enjoy. In a few short years, you will lay it aside for the Crown of Manhood whose brightness will depend upon the fidelity of demolay ritual book stewardship as wearers of the Crown of Youth.

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Order of demolay ritual book

No words may be added or deleted from those here printed. Positively no additional scenes can be used not included here. Chapters are encouraged to make the Degree more impressive by employing effective and appropriate scenery, costumes, equipment and staging and reasonable latitude is given in these areas as well as an interpretation of the way the lines may be delivered. Certain explanatory phrases are placed in italics and in parentheses at the beginning of some speeches to indicate a suggested way to deliver the lines.



All in room rise. Suggested music cue. Lights should be extinguished, leaving only candles burning and Altar spot, if any, on full Officers except Stewards begin moving to form Shield as shown on Diagrams Seven and Eight. Stewards do not move unto Shield positions until after candidates have been assisted to kneel at instruction from M. When the class is small enough, all candidates should kneel at the Altar. Stewards assist candidates to kneel.



Zulkikus To be vouched for by one as worthy of comradeship. By two raps, answered boook the same number. Of course, you will have DeMolays with you during the blindfolded portion of the ceremony to see that you do not stumble or fall. You will seal your vows by kissing the Holy Bible. FreemasonCollection does not have communication your credit card numbers, at any time.

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