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In college had the edition with the cooler, black cover and the Andy Summers intro that I must have picked up and consulted at least once a week, so I was interested to see what was different in the updated version with the less cool, blue cover and the Robert Fripp intro. Nice Lee Harvey Oswald smirk in your photo by the way, Mr. Since acoustic guitar making luthiering?

I could complain about this or that guitarist being left out of the The Guitar Innovators section, as the majority of my reviewing peers have, but I was mostly glad to see that Steve Cropper was included and surprised to see that Syd Barrett was included.

So no complaints there. Well, okay. I had forgotten just how complete of a reference this book is. The Guitar Handbook is really too modest of a title for how much information this book contains. Aside from my girlfriend and David Letterman, every one of my interests during college is in this book: famous rock guitarists and their gear, Gibson guitars, guitar repair and customization, music theory, chords, scales, electronic theory, audio electronics.

Weirdly, I had no interest in computers back then. Each concept is clearly written with nice illustrations or a photo showing how to put your fingers. It can get quite deep quite quickly. It would take years to memorize, let alone master, the material in this book. For example, I was flipping through the chords sections looking for a refresher on my favorite 9th chord fingerings, and the entire opposite page is taken up a section titled Altered Ninth Chords that has 12 illustrated gems such as the "Seventh augmented ninth augmented fifth chord fingering.

It patiently refers back to the page numbers of sections that it is building on, and plows on like this is no big deal. Guitarists play chords that take a staff and a half and two sharps and a flat to notate all the time. No need to panic. Two pages later: Chord synonyms. Two pages after that: Modulation using secondary chords. Sounds like jazz to me.

Tear that page out. These are probably entire college courses somewhere, but if read carefully and practice your scales and your chords all will be revealed to you. The sections that help you understanding how your guitar is put together and how to adjust and fix it are very helpful too.

And they are explained extremely well with diagrams and plenty of background theory. Being your own guitar tech not only strengthens your relationship with your guitar, but it helps avoid being spoken to condescendingly by a baby boomer with a grey ponytail, which is one of my pet peeves.

They both play just as poorly, but only one is salvageable. Nothing makes a beginner want to give up quicker than a guitar that is hard to play.

A patient girlfriend helps a lot, too. And later maybe get a breadboard, assorted electronic components, and a copy of Electronic Projects for Musicians for some real geeked out fun.

It was a happy instance where my desire to pass on some of the joy from my younger days dovetailed nicely with my fear of picking up guitar again as part of a midlife crisis. I would recommend any other Gen-Xers out there to consider doing the same.

I should probably send them a copy of this book too now that I think of it. The book is alright, though it does seem dated now. To give you an idea, I have the edition. Bought it new in It makes no mention of Joe Satriani whatsoever! If updated, it could be a worthwhile buy for those that love having a book about how guitars work, set-up, the various styles and how the electronics work.

The chord book towards the end is handy. A very good primer, if you will. Be warned though, it My guitar playing is still shit. Be warned though, it contains no lessons whatsoever.


The Guitar Handbook



The guitar handbook



Download: Guitar Handbook Ralph Denyer.pdf


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