He was born in Recoleta , a neighborhood of Buenos Aires traditionally inhabited by upper-class families, where he would reside the majority of his life. He wrote his first story "Iris y Margarita" at the age of eleven. Later, he started but did not end up finishing degrees in law , philosophy , and literature. By the time he reached his late twenties, he maintained proficiency in Spanish , English , French which he spoke from the age of 4 and German.

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Vuktilar La guerra del cerdo Sep 27, Mon Margo rated it really liked it. Written almost a decade before the death squads disrupted Argentina, it is the gripping first-person narrative of an old man caught in a wave of persecutions against all old people, The Obelisk edition of Diary of the War of the Pig marks the first time in paperback for this fictional chronicle about street terror and disappearances by the greatest living Argentine author.

It takes places in the streets of Buenos Aires. For some reason or other — various ones are discussed in the course of several conversations, but they actually remain nebulous — young people feel provoked into acts of gratuitous violence at the sight of old people and they do not hesitate to give in to their feelings of aggression.

Open Preview See a Problem? Quotes from Diary of the War Part Allegory and part irreducible dream, this story of courage, cowardice, and love is disquieting testimony on the human condition of our southern neighbors.

Return to Book Page. Preview — Diario de la guerra del cerdo by Adolfo Bioy Casares. Diario de la guerra del cerdo Trivia About Gurrra of the War His wife, Silvina Ocampo, was also an excellent writer — of poetry and short stories. He had defended himself, and would dasares on defending himself he felt no doubt on that score against the attacks of the young; but as he came into Paunero Street he had a mental picture of his own hand holding a revolver to his temple.

This late novel may actually surpass that one in many ways: Casares is best known for his collaborations with Borges, and for early work of the philosophic fantastic The Invention of Morelwhich inspired Last Year at Marienbad and the second Brothers Quay feature. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Don Isidore shakes his head and speaks his mind: My knee started hurting suddenly because I was sitting on it funny — that scared me a lot more than usual because of this novel.

View all 39 comments. So, our hero and his friends do have their minor, everyday flaws, but interestingly, most of these flaws might not have come biky age, any less than they were overcome by it.

Want to Read saving…. Women, especially young ones, is what they all think most about, and our hero Isidro does not make an exception to this rule: Want to Read saving….

Pavelescu Sabin-Stefan rated it did not like it Dec 30, And despite the sheer darkness of the concept — the story follows six friends in their casared years who find themselves suddenly the targets of mob violence with the rest of the older population of the city cerrdo the tone keeps things oddly brisk and at times ironic.

My own sense is age might have some importance but more powerful feelings are generated by class, that is, by rich vs. I am writing this at a time when in many European cities, also in my home country, it has once again? Diary of the War of the Pig by Adolfo Bioy Casares His characters were vivid, and his descriptions of being old were heartbreaking but sweet at the same time, if that makes any sense. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Human beings themselves, after death, become figures in a dream to the survivorsthey fade away and are forgotten, like dreams that were once convincing, but diiario no one cares to hear about.

A harrowing, chopping novella on the elderly and the young who abuse and kill them.


Adolfo Bioy Casares – Diario De La Guerra Del Cerdo



Diario de la guerra del cerdo (comentado por matilde Sanchez)



Diario de la guerra del cerdo, una lucha generacional


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