Shale The life cycle of a process plant starts with the process development, goes through engineering, erection and commissioning and includes finally the At the ekzto research and development center in Schopfheim, EKATO offers engineering services from process development to process optimization to make customer processes and mixing procedures more reliable and efficient. New developments and optimizations of existing processes were pushed continuously together with our customers. Fats and margarine, fruit-desserts and juice concentrates, honey, cocoa and chocolate, ketchup, dairy products and sugar — everything needs to be mixed at one point in its production process. Numerous bioethanol and biodiesel plants were already equipped with highly efficient agitators.

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EKATO is a global manufacturer of customized industrial and reactor agitators, homogenizing systems, modular conventional agitators, as well as mechanical seals. Our products include impellers, solids blenders and dryers, reactor modules, GMP homogenizing systems, and seal support systems. We serve sectors including chemicals, plastics and polymers, paints and coatings, flue gas desulfurization for power stations, hydrometallurgy and cosmetics.

These are also available for an analysis of customer processes. EKATO also offers complete service packages with database-supported spare parts and maintenance management, a hour service hotline worldwide and comprehensive service spectrum. This covers start-up, including modifications and modernization, up to process optimization. Project specific agitators and systems for industrial mixing and blending Our company supplies customer and project specific agitators, as well as complete reactors to process oriented industries for a variety of applications.

In addition to the classical top-entry arrangement, bottom entry agitators, side-entry agitators and complete reactors are also available. The capability of fractional-horsepower FHP to HP agitators match growing trends in reactor designs. High-quality industrial agitators and custom-built solutions We produce high-quality engineered industrial agitators. Our various qualifications allow us to custom-build solutions within a short delivery time for a wide range of applications.

Agitator specific designs for various mixing applications EKATO ESD provides agitator specific designs to address various customer mixing applications, including bulk chemicals, plastics, specialty chemicals and hydrometallurgy. Our seal designs include supply of ancillary pressure compensators and automatic supply systems. Design, manufacture and supply of mixing and drying systems Processing bulk solids is important for our business, which includes drying, mixing, granulation, melting, heating, cooling and wetting.

A team of experienced specialists designs, develops and supplies equipment, systems and modules for your process requirements. Our process engineering staff offers support in pilot-plant testing and reliable scale-up to commercial dimensions.

They also provide support for the design, manufacture and supply of mixing and drying systems. Installation, commissioning and after-sales service is guaranteed by our worldwide field engineering network. Reactor modules for the chemical industry and biotechnology Our company provides conceptual design and scale-up, basic and detailed engineering, to provide reactor vessel and agitator, and ancillary support equipment. Our deliverables are tailored to customer requirements for each project, which may include basic and detailed engineering and delivery of reactor skids including peripherals.

Our adapted process and equipment design offers reduced interface management for customers, one partner for reactor module, and optimized investment and operating costs. Mixers for creams, ointment and emulsion production The UNIMIX system offers a versatile mixer for the production of creams, ointments and emulsions in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.

Our services include process engineering consultation, pilot plant tests from three to 1,l, scale-up for production, planning, construction and delivery of mixing and drying systems. We also provide services that include mechanical seals and supply systems.

Installation, start-up and after-sales care is offered by our global service network. Over the past 80 years, EKATO has developed to a worldwide market leader in optimized mixing technology for all process-oriented industries.

Our headquarters and main production facilities are located in Schopfheim, Germany. Make an enquiry.


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Agitators Tailor-made solutions for all processes For more than 85 years, EKATO has stood for the highest level of development and manufacturing expertise in the field of agitator technology. Irrespective of size and complexity, the customer benefits and reliability of agitators is always the first priority. Mechanical seals and sealing systems specially developed for agitators ensure maximum operational reliability. The agitators are typically manufactured according to DIN ISO but can be designed according to all international codes and standards. EKATO therefore offers the right agitator system for every challenge. US Rapid-Response Mixing Technology Over the years EKATO has recognized and realized the demand for readily available, cost effective and reliable technology in the mixing and agitation industry for all chemical plants. The RRP is designed to make state-of-the-art mixing technology available on short notice.


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