This study aims to prove scientifically about the anticancer potential from combination of both plants. Anticancer potential of the plant has been proven by testing the extract both in single form and in combination with Hela cells. While to know the selectivity of the extract to HeLa cell then extract is tested on normal cell Vero cell line. Furthermore, a combination test of both extracts was done using variation dose under IC The method used to determine anticancer activity was the MTT method. The results obtained in this study showed that ethanolic extract onion sabrang selectively able to inhibit the growth of cervical cancer cells HeLa on IC

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Treats colon inflammation. Cures rheumatic. A study evaluates medicinal plants from Kalimantan for antimelanogenesis, the bulbs of Eleutherine palmofolia showed DPPH radical scavenging activity and strongly inhibited the melanin production of B16 melanoma cells without significant cytotoxicity suggesting its potential as ingredient for skin whitening cosmetics. According to Prof. Sidik Apt Profressor of Pharmacy faculy in Padjajaran University said that Dayak onion has alisin compouds that can lower high blood pressure and blood viscocity.

The experts said that Eleuterine palmifolia is a herb used as antioxidant that can reduce chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. The recipe of dayak onion to reduce cancer disease: Washing cloves of Eleutherine palmifolia or dayak onion and slice them thinly. Boiled with five glasses of water until the remaining of three glasses. It is ready to drink three times a day for forty 40 days regularly. During the treatment of cancer disease has to avoid soft drinks that contain gas, and foods that contain fat, monosodium glutamate, and meat.

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Eleutherine bulbosa

We provide Herbal medicinal plants Borneo Indonesia We offer cooperation to market the medicinal plants Kalimantan for local and overseas with better quality in the form of dry raw materials to manufactured herbal products. Merr Dayak Onion Eleutherine palmifolia L. Merr is a special crop Central Kalimantan. This plant has for generations used the Dayak community as a medicinal plant. This plant has rooted red color with ribbon-shaped green leaves and white flowers. Dayak onions originated in the United Tropik but in Indonesia have long cultivated.




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