Mezir Only 3 left in stock — order soon. TaylorSelena Kitt. No Reviews are Slliot. Her family has one chance, to hire Griego Robinetti, the mysterious and roguish Love Doctor, to remove the spell. Only 2 left in stock — order soon. It really helped her understand more about what excited me about being a dominate, therefore, could relate better when playing like that.

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If so, why? Yes Very Much so. How does this one compare? Yes Good Student I. But this book could easily stand alone. This is the continuation of that story and builds on the raw emotion and magnetic attraction that these 2 unlikely characters have for each other. Mira Noire was amazing. I feel like I have known this character all my life after listening to her performance. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book?

Did it make you laugh or cry? Yes With any Elliott Mabeuse book you expect raw passion and great depth of detail. His ability to paint a scene and hold your interest is poetic. Any additional comments? I was amazed by the reality of the feelings each character has. I could be totally convinced that this was a true story.

It was so amazing to hear what each character felt and thought about each scene just after it had unfolded. This book could easily be a text book on how to and how not to build a relationship.

I would buy part III in a hearbeat if it were written. Must Read!! Very much so! It was awesome to hear both the teacher and the student in this second book! They both have wonderful voices and I completely enjoyed listening to them tell me this story Any additional comments? It was so freeing. What a gem. What a treasure this second book was!!! Elliot Mabeuse withholds nothing! This book is a honest, arousing, raw, gritty, refreshing love story! He planned to be her living dildo, and to be the most dominate, and memorable lover she has ever or will ever have.

He finds Emma is a willing student, she totally opens up to him, and gives him everything he asks of her. Conner finds that Emma is THE ultimate submissive, eager to learn everything he needs to teach her. She is the best he has ever had. His plan to love her, and leave her, is thwarted, and he realizes that he never wants to let her go. The pivotal moment occurs when he realizes - "In my arms was the girl who was killing me, with my own love". We travel her journey with her, we see her figuring out who she is, emotionally, and sexually.

We watch them both burn to be free, and see their need to be captured by each other, both emotionally, and sexually. We see them find that "living is in loving". The male, female narration of Peter Klein, and Mira Noire makes this one of the best erotically beautiful love stories ever recorded.

I highly recommend it. What did you like best about this story? They bring it alive. Their dialog is exquisite. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Too much for one sitting.

Here is a man, a poetry professor, Conner Devlin, teaching a night class in a suburban community college. Among his students is a beautiful young woman, Emma Fiore, mid twenties. Emma has a deep and disturbing wish to be dominated. From her comments and discussions after class, Conner somehow figures this out. He, in fact, has a long prior history of dominating women. Even so the prospect with a young student is dangerous.

Could be disastrous. But his instincts are good. One night, after class, he takes a risk. Makes her hold up her skirt for him. Makes her beg him to touch her.

It goes on and on. Night after night the tension builds. Her shame at being forced to admit what she wants. He kidnaps her and takes her to a motel and ties her up and flogs her. Elliot Mabeuse knows how to tell a story.

In a subsequent adventure Conner takes Emma to his place in the city. He cultivates her impulses, bringing her to understand that there is something fine and wonderful about her acting like a whore for him, like a little tramp.

Conner falls for her in a big way. The poison is in the wound. He becomes addicted to her. The punishments become more and more dangerous. At the end of each chapter Emma tells us about the pain she endures and why. In her own voice she tells us about the humiliation and the intense pleasure it brings her. You have to read it for yourself. Well, I say read it -- I mean listen to it.

This is an audio drama. There are two characters played by Peter Klein and Mira Noire. Both voices can be found elsewhere on Audible. Who was your favorite character and why? I found the intensity of his desire, his craftiness, his brutal honesty, his firm hand when handling Emma, just skirting the edge of losing his control into "too far" but never quite going there -- really exquisite, arousing, hot! Which character — as performed by Peter Klein and Mira Noire — was your favorite?


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