One of its kind. If I were asked what this book is about, I will be able to do no more than babble like a six month old. This book is like a house of mirrors. Each mirror sends you down a rabbit hole, carrying you on an enticing journey full of wonder and splendor. It has the charm of fairy tales and prince ss stories without being one such story itself.

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Nezshura We take abuse seriously in edl discussion boards. They deserve great success with it: I witnessed the student uprising, but was never a participant. The simplest fednando of baroque is a style that tries to saturate space by abusing curves to the point of hyperbole, and you will agree with me that Coatlicue, the Aztec goddess, is indeed baroque.

Para ejemplo, una preciosidad de texto: Ostensibly, this is about a lovedrunk incestuous romance between sex-mad cousins. Dalkey needs to get on this shit. In Iowa City and London. A beautiful torrent of language, like Joyce on E, a young man in Mexico in love with his cousin. And yet, my relationship with the book is quite close. I ought to read me some Rabelais soon.

One has friends in the government, longtime friends. Palinuro is a medical fernado, or wants to be, anyhow. I love it from the first moment, but also know that if this wants to really earn that love, it will have to continuously startle and surprise me by carving a path in some yet unknown and unexpected direction through its universe, rather nexico just rest on its endless allusions, episodes, anatomies, and sheer love of language.

And yet, by you were thirty-three, too old to be an undergraduate at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico or the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, the two academic institutions where the uprising began. But your work has a special place on that shelf: I was tempted, but I chose to keep these worlds separate. He lives with his extended family— wacky, of course— in a house in Mexico City. It There are novels of the spirit, and there are novels of the body.

One of its kind. The other warning is that there is great attention to medical detail — readers who are annoyed by lots of technical language and or graphical detail might be put off by it.

Stop selling me on this one already!!!! Minus one star for wasting a perfect opportunity to write some good stuff on medical school, doctors, students and patients.

I have not the patience to continue. To be honest, my duties as director of Biblioteca Iberoamericana- which is very small, 18, titles, created only in —leaves me little time to have one.

Return to Book Page. He sings of sex, of autopsy, of amputation and of excretion. Otro libro que me deja abrumado, sin palabras, completamente enamorado y feliz. I had been working as a copywriter for a publicity agency in Mexico and abandoned all that.

Interviews This is a spontaneous drive in me. Jul 12, Cristina rated it it was amazing. Fernando del Paso es un cuentista y novelista mexicano. What about your personal relationship with books? Not a review, simply wonderin why the fuck nobody has read this? Apparently pzso I know has read this and already given it five stars. Most women who read palniuro romantic paean to Estefania that makes up all of Chapter 4 will probably yearn for such treatment for themselves. V Creo que tengo un problema semejante al que tuve con Rayuela.

My view of literature is still based on its oral tradition. Many thousand died, and many more were injured. TOP Related Posts.


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