Or it can be the other way round. You mention the book and instantly the name of the author comes to your mind. With Sayyid Sabiq we have a case of an author and a book: Mention the book and the author is immediately recognized, and mention the author and the name of the book is spontaneously given. The book is Fiqh As-Sunnah, a treasure of knowledge that every Muslim needs. The book, the first to be written by Sayyid Sabiq, was started in the forties. Some twenty years later the author visited some of the Islamic republics in the old Soviet Union and he was informed that his book was studied there.

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The quotes below are some examples. The hadith authenticates that Islamic law calls one who does not pray an unbeliever. It has also put the performance as the barrier between a believer and an unbeliever. Abandoning prayer means he may be called an unbeliever. I will fight those who differentiate between salah and zakah because zakah is the due on property. By Allah! It was He who gave Abu Bakr the true knowledge to fight, and later I came to know that he was right.

If they do that, their blood and wealth are protected from me save by the rights of Islam. Their reckoning will be with Allah.

Now, Allah has fortified Islam and it is no longer in need of you. Unless you stay with Islam, the sword will be between you and us. A minor should practice praying until he reaches puberty. And have them sleep separately. At-Tirmizhi grades it as hassan. Verily you have taken them on the security of Allah, and intercourse with them has been made lawful unto you by word of Allah.

You too have rights over them, in that they should not allow anyone to sit on your bed whom you do not like. But if they do that, you can chastise them but not severely. If she did not stand in a separate row, her salah will still be valid according to the opinion of majority.


Fiqh As Sunnah - Sayyid Sabiq

Author by : Dr. Mohsen M. For the reader, this will facilitate his comprehension of its overall picture, the intertwined factors connected to it, at any stage and in a logical sequence, up to the present stage. This book is of special importance to the group of readers who wish to get a general idea of the Palestinian issue, or those who do not find time for detailed specialized studies. The book is written in a smooth English language, and is full of information updated till ; all the while retaining a scientific, academic and documented wording, far from emotional structural discourse. In its first chapter, the book deals with the background of the Palestinian issue until

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Fiqh As-Sunna (L'intelligence de la norme prophétique) - Sayyid Sâbiq - Maison d'Ennour



Fiqh As-Sunna - L'Intelligence de la norme Prophétique (3 Volumes) - Sayyid Sâbiq


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