Start your review of Hearts Awakened Hearts of the South, 6 Write a review Shelves: cheating-abuse , hero-cheats , heroine-to-die-for , avoid , cruel-hero , emotional , hard-to-forgive , hero-chauvinist , heroine-deserves-better , manslut This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I wanted to like this book so much.. I just I wanted to like this book so much.. YET he sleeps around

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Beneath the lies is truth—and temptation that neither of them can resist. Book Five of the Hearts of the South series. Investigator Celia St. Arrogant and completely alpha, McMillian is the type of man she likes—a tough son of a bitch.

The problem? Since his marriage to a law enforcement agent failed after the death of his infant son, Tom has avoided emotional involvement with any woman. Despite his attraction to Celia, he refuses to get involved with another cop.

Their no-strings affair quickly becomes a tangled web of intrigue as they investigate an illegal baby adoption ring and more than one murder, one of which points to Tom as a suspect. The more they dig under the lies, the higher the risk, not only to their relationship, but their lives. This review was originally posted on August 5, At the time of this review, I have completed the Hearts of the South series.

So I can say with complete conviction that Tom and Celia are my favorite couple of the series. Knowing him as well as she does, she knows that there is no chance for them.

Tom is still hung up on his ex-wife and Celia will never get involved with someone she works with again. When a dead baby is found in a car that was pulled over for a traffic stop, Celia and Tom get much closer than expected. With his ex-wife remarried and now expecting her own child, this case hits even harder. With his emotions going every which way, he finds himself instead concentrating on Celia. Not only that, but it makes Celia a target.

The relationship between Tom and Celia was just so real. I continued to be amazed by the characters that Linda Winfree writes. Hearts of the South Series 4.


Author: Linda Winfree

Linda Winfree lives in a quintessential small Georgia town with her husband and grand-dog. To learn more about Linda and her books, visit www. You can also contact Linda via email at lindawinfreewrites gmail. Maggie would only pull away. Tori clasped her hands in her lap. Behind the curtain separating the emergency cubicles, another patient moaned and a female voice whispered reassurances.


Hearts of the South Series


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