After recording after a period raised the key LED will go off at the same time, press it again to start recording the second paragraph, the paragraphs were operating. Note: After recording the sound playback pointer will remain in the the section address at last finished recording, playback put the last paragraph 1 Edge: Click the PLAY button to put the current segment LED flashes during playback off until the end of the playback. Playback after playback pointer just put the starting address of the segment at this point will put just done and press the PLAY button again. Fast forward FWD: Perform playback operations press this button, the playback pointer will point to the next section, double-click the point to this paragraph after the second paragraph of the starting point.

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The message duration is user selectable in ranges from 26 seconds to seconds, depending on the specific device. The sampling frequency of each device can also be adjusted from 4 kHz to 12 kHz with an external resistor, giving the user greater flexibility in duration versus recording quality for each application. Operating voltage spans a range from 2. The device incorporates a proprietary message management system that allows the chip to self-manage address locations for multiple messages.

This unique feature provides sophisticated messaging flexibility in a simple push-button environment. With vAlert, the device flashes an external LED to indicate that a new message is present. Recordings are stored into on-chip Flash memory, providing zero-power message storage. Audio data are stored directly in solid-state memory without digital compression, providing superior quality voice and music reproduction. Voice signals can be fed into the chip through two independent paths: a differential microphone input and a single-ended analog input.

While in Standalone mode, the ISD devices automatically enter into power down mode for power conservation after an operation is completed. In the SPI mode, the user has full control via the serial interface in operating the device.

This includes random access to any location inside the memory array by specifying the start address and end address of operations. This register allows flexible configuration of audio paths, inputs, outputs and mixing. Utilizing the capabilities of ISD Series, designers have the control and flexibility to implement voice functionality into the high-end products.

Notice: The specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact Winbond Sales Offices or Representatives to verify current or future specifications. Also refer to the website for any related application notes.

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ISD1700 SERIES voice recording module, including chips, ISD1760 module




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