His father, Simon Attali, is a self-educated person who achieved success in perfumery "Bib et Bab" shop in Algiers. On 11 February , his mother gave birth to his sister, Fabienne. In , two years after the beginning of the Algerian independence war — , his father decided to move to Paris with his family. Michel Serres was among the jury of his Ph. In , when he was 27, he became a member of the Council of State. His directed his political campaign for the presidential elections in

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About the author: Jacques Attali was born in Algiers in A novelist, essayist, and writer, he has been special adviser to President Francois Mitterrand since You got books by Carroll Quigley who names names so you know who Quigley is talking about. Attali: An elite typically controls the market—the prices and the products; the elite accumulates the profits, controls the salaries and the workers, finances artists and explorers.

The elite defines the ideology that supports its power. Attali talks about memory cards and Sony Walkmans. Attali: These objects—whose embryonic forms, like the Sony Walkman or the laptop computer, are ubiquitous today—will help create a different human being.

Attali: Germany intends to stabilize emissions by the year , and Sweden is ready to introduce a tax on carbon dioxide. The European Community is committed to preventing the increase of its carbon dioxide emissions. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself. Jacques Attali, the controversial Frenchman who runs the newly created European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has done just that.

Some cool stuff:. Unlike previous orders, however, which first ruled by religion, and then by military force, the new order will manage violence largely by economic power. It will be a kind of artificial self. To use it will only require plugging it into the global electronic networks of information and commerce, the oases of the new nomads. Such networks of the future will be located in banks, stores, all public places at least in the most wealthy metropolitan areas.

One day, commands will be given by simply speaking. Middle-level nomads will stay in places that are impersonal, like the hotels that today ring airports throughout the world. Only the most fortunate rich nomads will have the means to become property owners in the large cities, which will be the magnetic poles for their brethren from all areas and regions of the globe. Cities will be fortified, dangerous places, the tangled heart of electronic networks, a cabled field of dreams.

Cause if you can convince everyone that CO2 is causing global warming then you can tax everyone for CO2, cause you exhale CO2. And the wrist instrument is a good way of keeping track of every breath you take. Kennedy notes, the Spanish monarchy was sagging under massive debts and inefficient industries, dependent upon foreign manufacturers, and beholden to special interests at home.

There will be, but not for the ordinary people. This new order will not put an end to history. It will not be a utopia, harmonious and placid. Ordinary people will gape with awe and resentment from their modest suburbs and homeless streets at the high rises of wealth and skyscrapers of power that will loom above their reach. One day, all of Europe will be united, one way or another, replete with continental institutions.

And tax money comes from ordinary people working jobs who pay their taxes. Writing almost a century ago, [Karl] Marx observed that. The daily press and the telegraph, which in a moment spread inventions over the whole earth, fabricate more myths and the bourgeois cattle believe and enlarge upon them in one day than could have formerly been done in a century.

The losers will outnumber the winners by an unimaginable factor. They will yearn for the chance to live decently, and they are likely to be denied that chance.

They will encounter rampant prejudice and fear. They will find themselves penned in, asphyxiated by pollution, neglected through indifference. The horrors of the twentieth century will fade by comparison. An elite, moreover, that resides in those few places where power and wealth accumulate, where the critical questions facing the planet are decided.

I was wondering how you could do that change, cause everyone is screaming for change. Quigley says that the change that would happen in 50 years of peace could happen in 5 years of war. So years of war would be like change that would happen in years of peace. Any war performs two rather contradictory services for the social context in which it occurs. On the one hand, it changes the minds of men, especially the defeated, about the factual power relationship between the combatants.

And, on the other hand, it alters the factual situation itself, so that changes which in peacetime might have occurred over decades are brought about in a few years. Daniel Kemp Footnotes: 1.





Millennium; Winners and Losers in the Coming Order



Jacques Attali




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