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It has been produced in several versions over the years, so it is well possible to find slightly different midrange and tweeter placements. You can find an example of a newer design at the end of this article. When JBL focused on offering foremost consumer electronics vs. No other company had produced a speaker with similar sales. Therefore JBL continued to build and sell the L- series and introduced newer versions with improved drivers and crossovers throughout the 80ies.

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The company, founded in Northridge, California back in by James Bullogh Lansing, put its initials to many classic designs, one of which was the The list of recordings that were fed through and loudspeakers is considerable: think everything recorded on the West Coast from Surrealistic Pillow to Tusk and beyond , plus virtually every studio starting up or undergoing a refit from about onwards.

In no small respect, the performance and character of those near-field monitors helped shape the sound of recordings made at that time. Metres, schmetres! The revised crossover points are set at Hz and 5kHz, and with a nominal six-Ohm impedance and a 90dB sensitivity, practically anything will drive these loudspeakers.

Also with a recommended amplifier power rating at W, the only way you will damage these loudspeakers through normal use is not through normal use: you are trying to use them as a PA system in a room that actually requires a PA system or are planning to go deaf in the next couple of weeks remember that back in the day, these were the monitors of choice for bands like The Who.

This is a pro loudspeaker for the domestic collector. They are finished in black woodgrain, with a black cloth grille and a large white JBL logo on the side. Aside from the 70th Anniversary flash on the front panel and a pair of modern multiway connectors on the rear, it could be a mint condition loudspeaker built 45 years ago. They need no run-in to speak of and sound best in a room that is either treated or heavily furnished preferably in lots of velour, with at least two lava lamps and lots of shades of burnt orange and brown.


JBL Synthesis US

Fenrile But are they sonically much different than each other? KreshnaAug 17, Which one is arguably the better model? As for veneer, I can always re-veneer it anyway. Well, they have different look and different crossover. The A is actually a later cheaper model of thehence all of the plastic, felt and cheaper crossovers. I possd a pair for a year or two, I know them well Jim joinermech and Kreshna like this. KasonbiggselitopusGoldjazz and 2 others like this.


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JBL 4312 Floorstanding Speakers



4310, 4311, 4312 Studio Monitors


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