I bagliori del fuoco non le danno pace. Wren Ohmsford procede lungo il cammino accompagnata dal colossale e fedele Garth. Wren avanza verso le caverne dei Roc, creature alate e temibili, un percorso lungo e difficile dove non mancano gli ostacoli. Durante la notte vengono assaliti da una creatura in forma di lupo, un Ombrato che mette alla prova le loro forze e che solo le Pietre Magiche possono fermare. I suoi dubbi di fronte a tale rivelazione aumentano e tartassa Garth di domande a cui lui esita a rispondere. Il libro presenta numerose ambientazioni e le descrizioni di Brooks sono sempre minuziose.

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Shelves: fantasy , friend-recommendations , own Yes, I am reading this book 3 of the series before the first two. Because my friend Jacques highly, highly recommended it to me, reassuring it works as a standalone, too.

Review time! Wren has been charged by the shade of Allanon to bring the Elves, missing these last years, back to the Four Lands. Garth, her ever-present mentor and friend, journeys with her through Yes, I am reading this book 3 of the series before the first two. Garth, her ever-present mentor and friend, journeys with her through forests tranquil and menacing, over waters and down rivers, to seek out the lost Land Elves.

Along the way they will meet friends and foes who stand testament to the passing through of the Elves, and Wren will have to make important decisions about what she is willing to do to carry out her charge. She will also have to accept the consequences these decisions bring about to her and those she meets, and accept the irrevocable changes they bring about for herself personally and for those she encounters along the way.

The world Brooks created comes alive around as you read, in vivid colors of close relationships and ever-changing mortal dangers. I could tell how much there was behind the scenes, how much had happened before, and was able to piece together some of the history of things — but for me, a completionist and someone who loves getting the full story, it was a little thin. The most noticeable spots where I felt lost were when we suddenly cut away to scenes of Cogline, Coll, Par, and Walker Boh.

I had no idea who these people were, other than that their names had been mentioned as being known by Wren and having their own charges given them by Allanon.

Yet, I felt for each of them — I wanted to know more, I was touched by their struggles and the danger they were facing, and they felt just as real as Wren and Garth and Tiger Ty and Stresa and the rest.

Oddly enough, and probably because of these forced changes, Walker Boh, Coll, and them felt more solid and real to me than many of the Elves that Wren met and the connections she made with them. She felt such strong connections to each of them in so short a time, before even setting out to face dangers instead of talking about them, that I questioned how she could become so attached and so completely in so short a time. Especially as I would think that the nature of her lifestyle as a Rover with Garth would not incline itself to such strong, fast connections until being tested by the fire of fighting for their lives.

For some I could find the justification view spoiler [ blood ties with her grandmother the Queen hide spoiler ], but for others, they felt sudden and forced view spoiler [ namely, the spliced in love interest with Gavilan Elessedil, who is also her cousin - could have done without the romantic part of that emotional connection hide spoiler ]. And I do not know how much of knowing the story of the first two books could help with that aspect.

By the second half I had a better grasp of just how dangerous the creatures were, though I was still unprepared for just how deadly it would become for everyone involved. But deeper than the politics and the physical danger is the questions it poses about destiny and fate, about choice and when a choice is really no choice at all. And, of course, about who we are — who we want to be, and who we find ourselves becoming through events beyond our control when a choice is really no choice at all, and learning to accept that person, that destiny, that charge with all it entails.

And it does no good to rail against what has been done to us. Do as you are fated, become what you must, and then act in whatever ways you perceive to be right.

Surely they must have had some small inkling of the dangers they would encounter when they began to make nature over in their own ill-conceived image. Surely they must have realized something was wrong. She was a part of everything about her, and not only survival but the measure of her life was directly related to whether she accepted that truth.

She could not back away from the unpleasantness of the world; she could not forget its pain.


La regina degli Elfi di Shannara



La regina degli elfi di Shannara



Il ciclo degli eredi di Shannara – La regina degli elfi di Shannara



La Regina degli Elfi di Shannara


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