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Luckily, he gives some interesting insights into the social aspect of Icelandic people. Icelandic judges were notoriously lenient. My Gr friend Linda has been to Iceland and she told me that this is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Hmm, strange. Even Police members are unarmed, the only officers permitted to carry firearms are on a special force called the Viking Squad, and they are seldom called out. People seemed relaxed about their safety and that of their children to the point where parents left their babies outside and unattended.

This reminded me of the Beaumont children cold case in Australia, which greatly influenced Australian society in that a lot of people who left their children unattended, believing their country was safe, improved their supervision. I hope this never happens in Iceland, which should remain like it is, a happy and miraculous exception.

But what are the reasons behind this amazing fact? It looks like Icelandic people managed to put in practice the teachings of Prophet Mani. On another web-site, the question "How Safe is Reykjavik, Iceland? It was much better than Silence of the Grave , because it dealt more with the actual investigation which was also much more interesting and less with domestic drama.

The atmosphere is bleak, it rains without ever seeming to stop, and Erlendur has family issues, mainly with his daughter, who is a drug addict. In Silence of the Grave we find out about more tragedies in his life, which makes me wonder if every book in the series brings additional misfortune to Erlendur, poor man. Two other interesting facts in the novel: 1. But a decade later there it was on my plate, looking up at me with a sorrowful glaze in its eyes.

I pulled the jaw apart and stabbed a clump of meat with my fork. When in Iceland The cheek, where most of the meat is found, was tender and rather tasty. Dipped in a little rhubarb jelly, it was even better. Just beware of the eyes. Those baby blues are considered a delicacy. So plop that hunk of meat into your mouth and try to think about something else. Anything else. In such a centre would be gathered medical data about all the Icelanders, linked with a genealogy database in which the family of every single Icelander would be traced back to the Middle Ages.

They called it establishing the Icelandic genetic pool. The main aim was to discover how hereditary illnesses were transmitted, study them genetically and find ways to cure them, and other diseases if possible. It was said that the homogenous nation and lack of miscegenation made Iceland a living laboratory for genetic research.




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