Meztikasa This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Diary of a simple life. Resolute not to return she determines to raises Azad on her own. From this book the new generations will get knowledge about our independence war. His father was well known wealthy landlord of that time. Today I have downloaded all the part of Muktijhuddher Golpo by Muntasir Bt and in the coming year, my target would be read every single pit of pieces by all writers who wrote on 71, in context of learning the right history what I have heard from my dad, mom, and grandfather. The Indian Express noted the release of the book, describing it as: Maa by Anisul Haque is popular novel.

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It is based on true story about a freedom fighter and his mother. From this book the new generations will get knowledge about our independence war. And the most important part of this book is no fictitious character is used to make the story more colorful or distort the true story. The story is about one of our freedom fighter Azad and his mother. Azad was only son of his Yunus Chowdhury and Mrs. Shafia Begum. His father was well known wealthy landlord of that time.

Yunus was engaged with another woman. After a few days Mrs. Shafia Begums doubt turned into truth,Azads father married second time.

Azads mother immediately left her home with his only son,that time Azad was only a kid. His mother was very tenacious lady. She was determined never to return that home and never to take any type of financial support from his husband.

She struggled all her life to raise her son in her own way but never gave up. Azad,knowing all about his mothers sacrifices and struggle he always wanted to write about her. His task has finally been accomplished by Anisul Hoque. When the happiness knocked on the door,the independence war commences and Azad got involved in it. Like other people,Azad was seized by the Pakistani militaries for interrogation.

He was brutally tortured by them. His mother was desperately looking for him,finally she meets with him behind the bar at prisoner cell. He told his mother that the military will release him if he reveals the names of the others who are in control of guerrilla groups. She would not bend before the fear of losing a precious possession for the greater good, for upholding the rights of citizens, for the liberty of Bangladesh.

He told her he has not eaten rice for days. The next day Maa takes rice for her beloved son but by the time the soldiers have moved him to a location no one knows of. She has hoped Azad will come back one day, until death wipes it all away.

This is the story of Azads Maa but the vast plot of the book describes the true ordeal of the nine-month war in an unforgettable touch. Its a great book, a novel, history, doc-fiction a masterpiece —Maa by Anisul Hoque is a work that will take the reader into the past and will get the feeling of patriotism in the heart. Hoque graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology,trained as a civil engineer.

His inspiration in journalism and writing started during his student life. Share this:.


Anisul Hoque

There are even real names in the book. When he was in prison, Azad, for that was his name, had asked his mother for some boiled rice. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Masterpiece Based on a real story anisup Archived copy as title Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing Bengali-language text.


Maa by Anisul Haque



Ma by Anisul Hoque (Bangla Book)


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