Since I have social anxiety and find it hard to speak to people, writing has become my voice. Im able to say what I really think and feel without the irrational worry that comes with speaking. I grew up and still live in Oregon, in the beautiful Willamette Valley. Im within walking distance of the Willamette River, and a couple hours drive from both the coast and the mountains.

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Shelves: mm A really well developed fantasy story. The characters are complex, and interesting, and the plot might feel slow moving to some, but considering how deeply damaged the people involved are I think anything else would feel unnatural, or even abusive to me. If this becomes the love story I think it may it will take a very long time. It was nice to see the growth over the course of this story, and I really hope that someday she will write the sequels. So, maybe I was just the wrong audience for this kind of book though I did enjoy I came across this book by mistake.

My main issue is that the book reads like porn without the hot stuff: There is a very thin cover story to explain all the touching and lustful longings, but basically the plot at least the part of it I actually read seems to exist only for that reason.

A few examples: The mages workroom is hot because he hatches some kind of dragon in there. So of course he and the protagonist are always hot and sweaty and must take off their shirts They are just there to give the two guys a reason to undress. Or there is a kind of allergic reaction to magic that makes itself felt in powerful, aehm, urges. Of course the narrator has this allergic reaction, and the easiest cure turns out to be, well, lets just say you can get rid of it through some bodily fluids.

The narrator gets this reaction in the first place because he must be covered with a magic salve from head to toe,which gives another reason for the two main characters to be naked and touch each other This is where I gave up reading.

I would have given up earlier, but I kept hoping the plot would start to unfold because the narrators voice showed promise and I liked some of the world building. I would have liked to know more about this world in which both magic and science exist, where there are talking animals aliens?

So, some good ideas, though none of theme are more than roughly sketched, none are worked out. But what positive qualities does the mage actually posess that would make him loveable or even likeable? But maybe the aim was merely to depict an erotic relationship? Again, the book fails at that.

Even if I imagine the mage to be female, the erotic scenes do nothing for me. Thats like watching an erotic movie consisting solely of an old man telling you about all these beautiful persons. My verdict: Initially promising voice, some nice writing, but no plot, no erotica to speak off, no real character development, a boring relationship that never does more than scratch the surface, both physically and emotionally.


Katica Locke

Katica Locke Biography I learned at a young age that books were precious and that the written word was a powerful means of communication. Since I have social anxiety and find it hard to speak to people, writing has become my voice. I grew up and still live in Oregon, in the beautiful Willamette Valley. I love camping, hiking, bird watching, and rock-hounding and spend my free time writing, reading, or watching TV, movies, and sporting events. Nothing inspires me like fantasy, be it dragons or vampires, faeries or demons. Even when writing about faeries or demons or fantasy cultures, the needs are universal. Love is not the domain of the rich, or the powerful, or the beautiful.



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