A big part of his success is his unique 5-Step Render Workflow, which breaks CG learning into easily digestible chunks while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. We spoke to Ciro to find out how he got started, how he discovered his passion for education, and why his teaching methods have become so popular. Ciro Sannino How did you get involved in 3D? I started working in 3D in for a multimedia company.

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Too often we are concerned exclusively with the amount of light falling on an object when instead, a good portion of our attention should be focused on the quality of the shadows that it produces. The artistic aspect, in particular, is further scrutinized, using chiaroscuro to steer the lighting techniques; photography remains a predominant element, while certain technical aspects, which have now become obsolete, make room for new explanations, new videos, and new exercises to substitute and enhance the ones in the previous book.

Shaping with light is a classic concept in photography and painting and its application to rendering brings a more profound vision and remarkable artistic momentum to this wonderful art form. The book is targeted to both those who have never used V-Ray before and to those already familiar with the software, who are looking for a way to organize their ideas in a simpler and more linear fashion.

The exercises move from simple to more complex lighting and from initial materials to layered and translucent ones. Interior and outdoor scenarios are included, as well as objects.

All the contents are carefully explained, both conceptually and practically, with targeted exercises. The physical copy generally takes: Europe: days Rest of the world: days For any issue about the shipping, please contact directly the publisher: gcedizioni gmail. Of course! Add it and check the shipping costs super discounted prices in these days Will I be able to purchase the book after the presale?

The books will only be printed as a limited edition for readers who purchase them in advance. Is this a reprint or a new book? This book is the Evolution of the previous one, with fresh content, exercises, and videos. The new volume is approachable even to those just starting out. V-Ray for 3ds Max is used for practical applications but the concepts described and the mindset developed by adopting a photographic approach is universal and can be applied to any V-Ray version and platform.

The videos and exercises are in 3ds Max format. Will there be a digital version of the book? Once the book arrives at destination, the digital version is deactivated. The online course is practice-oriented while the book focuses on reasoning and an in-depth understanding of the photographic mechanisms behind V-Ray. Many users find it ideal to combine these study tools. Will there be an Italian and Spanish version?





Ciro Sannino Teaches V-Ray


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