Любая зона забита элементами до отказа. Пара нижних благодаря меньшему числу слотов PCIe имеет следующее подключение: один М. Есть некоторые ограничения на одновременную работу, но это касается только процессоров с 28 линиями PCIe. Силовая схема питания требует подробного разбора, так как ASUS использует свой алгоритм общения ШИМ-контроллера и фаз, называя их двойными. Все ключевые элементы питания расположены спереди платы — это 16 микросхем DR.

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This can be due to a number of things. Bad power supply to slots, bad slots on the motherboard, bad sticks of RAM. But before you do that, as noted above, check the RAM is seated properly. Sometimes a pin can be bent out of place in the socket. Check the socket in good light moving the board around. A magnifying glass and a pin can easily correct this but you need a steady hand and the confidence not to make things worse. Bad contact can also be caused by the CPU shifting or tipping in the socket due to uneven or excessive pressure from the CPU cooler!

Make sure when fitting the cooling solution you tighten only hand tight never with pliers etc. The computer simply shuts off with no warning. This is a typical RAM problem message.

These symptoms are also possible due to a whole spectrum of issues such as driver problems, PSU problems, CPU overclock problems etc. It is possible to diagnose RAM problems with this application not to be confused with the Microsoft offering.

If you are scientific about it you can isolate problems with your RAM kit or Motherboard slots, to one or more sticks in your kit ,or one or more slots on your board. This is a good thing to get out of the way first with RAM problems because you can do a whole lot of tweaking in vain if your KIT is bad or Motherboard bad. Maybe problems will only appear at XMP settings letting you know that maybe these are not working.

Sometimes specific kits come with specific tweaks recommended for a certain motherboard, as is the case with some of the G. Skill kits and the RIVE. But maybe at XMP you get errors etc etc. Anyway, you want to try and get this working. Below are the basic steps for trying to get your KIT to work….. Swearing profusely throughout the process does help!! Load optimized BIOS defaults, save and exit.

Back into BIOS Back into BIOS. Set Ai Overclock Tuner to Manual Go to DRAM timing control and set Rampage tweak mode to 1 or 2 depending on frequency: 1 for MHz and below 2 for MHz and above but you can try either and enter the primary timings you wrote down before. For example and leave the last field on AUTO. You can try this leaving everything else on AUTO. Exit and save. Any ram at and over try 1. Other tweaks that might help: CPU clock gen filter: over try 10uf If you are filling your slots with an 8 stick kit or running 8GB sticks try plugging in the auxiliary power EZ plug….

The extra, evenly delivered power might just help. Best one or the other. Lots of useful info of all sorts and tweaks for RAM there too. Last edited by Arne Saknussemm; at PM. Reason: Update.


Обзор и тестирование материнской платы ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega

Изменился лишь стиль оформления упаковки, который с момента выхода платформы LGA выполнен темно-красной гамме. Кроме краткого описания характеристик платы пользователю доступна более подробная информация по той или иной технологии на развороте откидывающейся крышки. Первая — это небольшой переходник, вставляемый в разрыв между видеокартой и монитором, благодаря которому можно изменять настройки при разгоне, независимо от текущего функционирования системы вплоть до выключенного состояния. Вторая позволяет управлять параметрами видеокарты прямо из UEFI платы, достаточно подсоединить соответствующие точки на акселераторе к Rampage IV Extreme.


Rampage IV Extreme UEFI BIOS Guide For Overclocking

Most of the settings will not need manual adjustment at all unless you are chasing every last MHz from your system. This guide will focus on the meaning of most of the important settings and offer some insight as to when adjustments can help. We will follow up with a quick setup guide for beginners also. The Normal profile will overclock your CPU to 4. The Extreme profiles are for users that are utilizing Sub-zero cooling or chilled watercooling as both will set processor frequency at around 4. With all of these profiles, active cooling of the onboard heatsinks is required. Auto: This is the default setting, and needs to be changed to Manual if you wish to change BCLK BCLK is the base reference frequency from which processor and other system bus frequencies are derived.


Asus Rampage IV Extreme Manual


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