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Risk of injury from infrared beam! The rechargeable battery can only be charged at an ambient temperature of Page 10 First steps Operation with the mains unit If the mains unit is connected, the measuring instrument is automatically powered from the mains unit.

It is not possible to charge the rechargeable battery in the measuring instrument during operation. Connect the plug of the mains unit to the mains unit socket on the measuring instrument. Page 11 - The selected function is opened and the position number Displ.

Set the position number Displ. If you fail to do this simply turn off instrument connect probe and re-start unit. The tip of the probe must be in the centre of the flue gas flow.

Select the required measuring function using and confirm entry with the OK function key. Functions 1. Page 15 Using the product 15 highest flue gas temperature , the flue gas temperature measured is shown graphically. Do not measure for longer than 5 minutes, as the readings may fall outside of the tolerances due to a possible drift of the pressure sensor. Page 16 The values entered are not shown in the central Flue gas measurement menu.

However, they can be printed out together with the readings from other functions. Recording values with the smoke tester testo and wireless transfer: - The testo must be in data transfer mode lights up. You must also refer to the documentation that comes with the software. Page Maintaining The Product 1.

Info: displays instrument information: serial number, instrument temperature, operating hours, qA version, last service 2. Error: displays list of errors. Diag only : performs sensor diagnosis. Key functions for Sens. Replace the filter if there are signs of contamination.

Page 21 Used measuring cells must be disposed of as special waste! Used measuring cells must be disposed of as special waste! Page 22 - Instrument performs calibration 30s and is then ready for use again.

You will find the cell coefficients on the leaflet enclosed with the spare measuring cell. Page 23 Maintaining the product 23 CO measuring cell only: Remove shorting jumper Do not remove shorting jumpers of the new measuring cells until immediately before installation. Do not leave the measuring cells without a shorting jumper for longer than 15 minutes.

ASTM D5685 - 11 PDF

Testo 327-1 advanced kit



TESTO 327 Instruction Manual



Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser


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