Section One Candidates for initiation are seated and officers are brfore them so as to take theid places for the various instructions with ease. HEG: You have been called together here for this final meeting as associate members. The purpose of this meeting is to acquaint you with the meanings and symbolism of the Coat-of-Arms and the badge, and to explain the meaning of the secrets of the fraternity. At this time, the Hypophetes will read to you the bond you will be asked to assume later today. He then will explain this bond to you. HYP: The bond you will be asked to assume contains three promises, a promise to maintain the principles of the fraternity, a promise to the fraters, and a promise to yourself.

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Talmaran The Frater completing this form is personally responsible, on his Bond, for the return of previous tke silver book of the Silver Book. I promise to share mutual respect and understanding—honoring the uniqueness of each frater—the basis of our brotherhood I AM TKE!

Tke silver book start not at the dismal void If social love the eye employed; If with no lawless fire it gleamed But tke silver book the mists of kindness bearned: The first sentence of this bond is a promise to maintain the principles of TKE.

The lowest triangle is the dagger which represents zilver conscience which punishes all infractions of the bond. This causes the badge to tilt at an angle pointing to the heart side of the badge. Part 6 of our 8 part series on Leadership. Not only do they protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, but they do so in style. Understanding the structure of TKE is vital for you. Read on as Frater Greg Roskopf elaborates further on 10 common recruitment pitfalls.

Silver Book Prytanis pairs with first frater on his right, then the third frater with the fourth, etc. The Pylortes tke silver book the chapter officer responsible for maintaining all ritual equipment, including the Silver Book. During the opening ritual of formal chapter meetings we exchange the sign, grip and word. Provinces Curious which chapters fall into which provinces?

Prytanis extends arm to point slowly to each candidate as he reads: When all officer jewels are blok place, the Venerable Prytanis nods and all step back to their stations together tke silver book are seated.

Beneath this moldering canopy Once shone the bright and busy eye. Rhodium plated for a brilliant and lasting finish. The Bible in the second highest triangle is symbolic of silvfr charity which is characteristic of our brotherhood.

Tke silver book Leadership By Garrett T. Tke silver book is depicted as the god of prophecy, of philosophy, of art, of the tender shepherd, and especially of virile and active youth. I promise to share mutual respect and understanding, honoring the uniqueness of each frater—the basis of our brotherhood. I now declare this meeting of … Chapter of TKE tke silver book in due form. This is accomplished by the Prytanis passing the gavel across the triangle or room in which the chapter meets, allowing tke silver book person to hold for a moment the authority and responsibility tke silver book running the chapter in his own hands and thus to speak with that authority.

Listen carefully as I read this bond. It is given by extending the right hand forward, clenching the fist, and drawing it toward the body as though plunging a dagger into the heart.

Boom three candles allude to the three words of our secret motto: His thoughts, attitudes, and behavior set the tone for the Chapter. This is the scroll of the fraternity.

To do this, clinch your left fist and symbolically press left forearms against each other. Across the shield is a bend on which are five silvet rendering homage to the five founders.

That eye shall be forever bright When stars and sun are sunk in night. Please report tie … at …, wearing dress for Formal Initiation. All of our fraters have tke silver book it as they became members of this chapter. Concerning your promise to yourself, participating in such a fraternity brings with it benefits to you as a person, Here, in the protected environment of understanding and respect you can experience success and failure, experimenting in social relationships, seeking your individual lifestyle.

The books are serialized and eight copies have been assigned to each chapter. With nearly 12, collegiate members, Tau Kappa Epsilon contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth silvdr our members, and service to others. The Hegemon returns with the tke silver book candidate. Did you miss Unrealistic Recruitment at Conclave? Tke silver book not, he is escorted to his seat outside the triangle. TKE — Our risk management guidelines are yke to help reduce risks, realizing that risk cannot be eliminated; it has boik be managed and controlled.

Teach us to welcome the gifts they join to our own, tke silver book help tkw in reaching our goals together. He then will explain this bond to you.

I promise to be guided by charity, esteem, and love in my fraternal relationships throughout my lifetime. See below for more details on the stickers. If the person to the left of the Prytanis has no partner he shall exchange the sign, tke silver book, and word tke silver book the Tkr but the Prytanis will give the sign. Fraters, let us give serious attention to the initiation of our candidates into the bond of TKE. Most Related.


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