In this career, you have to have a sense of adventure, this preferably involves shore leave, not an engine failing under full load. The ship I was working on at the time, was the Rhapsody of the Seas. The engines are Wartsila Vasa 12V46C ; four stroke, turbo charged, 12 cylinder engine in a vee configuration turning at a steady rpm. Royal Caribbean International is quite well versed in this engine, having around copies of this engine operating in their fleet. They require a constant stream of attention but are overall reliable and simple in their design. It was a quiet night, most crew not on duty at the time were on the aft mooring deck enjoying a BBQ put on by the engine department.

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It has been in operated under PPA and engines have been operated around 60 hours in base load power production. This power plant is designed and build by Wartsila utilizing their highly standardized functional module delivery. Operation and maintenance works were carried out strictly in accordance with Wartsila manuals. The plant was professionally dismantled in and before dismantling 60 hour major overhauled was carried out to all engines. During the operation no unexpected breakdowns have happened.

Delivery contains complete functioning power plant equipment with kV switchyard equipment. Buildings and tanks can be discussed but are not a part of our standard offering. This ad has been replied 5 times. What is this website about? EquipMatching is a global marketplace and provides a user friendly platform for people who want to sell or buy used equipment which covers a wide range of machine tools, industrial machinery, and hi-tech production equipment.

Where am I on this website? Who owns this ad? This ad is owned by jarika from Finland, who is a registered member since Dec. Related Machines:.


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